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Pisces Compatibility: How They Match Up With The 12 Zodiac Signs



As the last sign of the astrological year, Pisces finishes out the zodiac wheel with seemingly psychic intuition, sensitivity, and etherealness. Like the fishes that swim around each other, which symbolize this sign, Pisces swims in its own mystical depths, representing a culmination of all of the signs that came before it.

Its planetary ruler, Neptune, is no doubt to thank for Pisces’ dreamy nature, as the planet of spirituality, dreams, and the subconscious—but also illusions and fantasy.

And when it comes to love, astrology expert Imani Quinn tells mindbodygreen, Pisces’ susceptibility to illusions and fantasy can strongly come into play.

“They’re a water sign, and they’re a mutable sign, so that can make them very impressionable in love. They can kind of take on the personality of the person they’re dating, especially if the person they’re dating has a stronger personality,” Quinn explains.

But while this propensity for being over-empathetic can happen, Pisces are generally very romantic, intuitive, and thoughtful partners, she says, adding that they have a knack for anticipating people’s needs before they ask. “They’re going to idealize romance, which means they’re going to want to do acts of romance that are really sweet,” Quinn adds.

These are people who will wear their heart on their sleeve, according to Quinn, so this can be a great thing because they’re not afraid to give love their all—but it can also lead to codependence.


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