Home Top 10 Pikmin 4 has already seen a price crash on launch day

Pikmin 4 has already seen a price crash on launch day

Pikmin 4 has already seen a price crash on launch day


Want to add Pikmin 4 to your collection of Switch titles but don’t fancy paying full price? We’ve got you covered with this incredible deal.

Pikmin 4 was released today for the Nintendo Switch family of consoles but has already seen a juicy discount. The original price has plummeted from £59.99 to just £42.85, meaning that you will be saving a sweet £17.14

Pikmin 4 is a wonderful game centred around the titular creatures themselves. The game takes place on a mysterious planet – with suspicious similarities to our own Earth – and your goal is to rescue all of your lost crew members and, of course, gather as many Pikmin as you can find. 

We gave Pikmin 4 a shining 4.5-star rating; each area felt immensely gratifying to explore and is packed to the brim with personality. Every Pikmin has its strengths and weaknesses, so you need to make sure that you are utilising each of them to the best of their ability. 

Pikmin 4 has already seen a price crash on launch day

Pikmin 4 only released today and has already seen a cheeky £17.14 discount, making now the perfect time to buy.

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  • Was £59.99
  • Now £42.85

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Pikmin 4 introduced two big changes to the franchise. The first is Oatchi, the adorable Rescue Pup that helps you on your journey. He can be trained to doggy paddle, carry heavy items back to your base and fight enemies in each area, making him a vital member of the team. 

The other change is the ability to rewind time. If you have a bad encounter with a Bulborb and it takes out half of your Pikmin, simply rewind time to a few minutes prior as if it never happened. Our reviewer found this feature to be vital at the beginning of the playthrough and it brought a great sense of security throughout the game. 

Overall, Pikmin 4 is an incredibly endearing game that creates a wonderful atmosphere throughout. The cheery graphics and breezy gameplay make this a great choice for younger players or those who aren’t looking for too much of a challenge. The fact that it’s now so much more affordable right out of the gate makes this a great time to pick it up.


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