Home Top 10 PC gamers need to check out Prime Day’s Wi-Fi 6E router bargain

PC gamers need to check out Prime Day’s Wi-Fi 6E router bargain

PC gamers need to check out Prime Day’s Wi-Fi 6E router bargain


If you want to beef up your home internet, you won’t find a better value option than this Prime Day deal from Amazon and TP-Link. 

For only £138.70, you can grab a super-quick AXE5400 router from TP-Link and enjoy some of the best performance available on Wi-Fi. 

Stylish, high-performing and affordable, the AXE5400 is an excellent router for those who need high-speed internet, especially gamers. With seriously powerful internals and four ethernet ports, there’s a lot to like about this router.

The super-fast TP-Link AXE5400 router is on special offer

Home internet is super-important to our daily lives, and your experience shouldn’t be stunted by a bad router. Grab a deal on the super-advanced AXE5400.

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  • Was £199.99
  • Now £138.70

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Straight out of the box, you’ll be impressed with how sleek this device is. The pattern on top pairs well with the sharp-cornered design, and there is very little to disrupt the design – all the buttons are on the back while the lights on the front are very small but still perfectly readable. The number of ports has been kept to a minimum while still allowing you four ethernet connections at once, which is more than enough for most set-ups.

The most important feature of the AXE5400 is without a doubt the performance, which is very fast. TP-Link is confident that users won’t experience any delay from the router, even with tasks as demanding as 8K streaming. It also makes use of the 6GHz radio band, which is far from common in the router world, which means you have more options than ever to reduce congestion while using the internet. This is especially useful if you’re trying to use the internet for multiple purposes but still want the quickest connection possible for a multiplayer game.

So if you reckon your home internet may be bottlenecked by a bad router, consider this extremely affordable investment courtesy of Amazon Prime Day.


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