Home Top 10 One of the PS5’s best titles is down to a bargain price

One of the PS5’s best titles is down to a bargain price

One of the PS5’s best titles is down to a bargain price


One of our favourite PS5 titles (originally a PS5 exclusive) has just been brought down to its lowest price yet.

Deal: Returnal (PS5) for just £24.85 – was £69.99

What makes this a good deal?

Returnal was one of the first exclusive games to hit the PS5 and as such, it was somewhat notorious for debuting with a near £70 price tag at launch, establishing the precedent that has continued into the current generation of consoles.

Because the game has been on the market for a few years now (and has since been ported to the PC), it’s seen a handful of price drops in that time but this is easily the cheapest that we’ve seen yet, meaning that you can get your hands on the game for less than half the price it went for at launch. If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is.

Returnal Price Drop

Returnal has never been cheaper than it is right now, making this the best time to add it to your collection.

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  • Was £69.99
  • Now £24.85

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Why should I buy Returnal?

Developer Housemarque is no stranger to the fast-paced bullethell genre, having made titles including Resogun and Super Stardust HD, but with Returnal, the company has been able to lean more heavily into the roguelike genre whilst also introducing an overarching narrative.

You’ll fight to death as the game’s protagonist Selene, who is only looking for an escape after she crashlands on the hostile alien planet of Atropos.

Deal: Returnal (PS5) for just £24.85 – was £69.99

Every time Selene dies, she’s transported straight back to the crash site with just her pistol to hand while the planet rearranges itself into a completely new layout. It’s frantic, hellish and at times terrifying but Returnal boasts some of the most engrossing gameplay that the PS5 can offer, and it’s a must-buy for anyone who owns the console.


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