Home Politics One Answer From Jim Jordan Exposes The Failure Of His Biden Investigation

One Answer From Jim Jordan Exposes The Failure Of His Biden Investigation

One Answer From Jim Jordan Exposes The Failure Of His Biden Investigation


Rep. Jim Jordan’s answer revealed that after almost a year of investigating Biden, they have no new evidence and are relying on Russian propaganda.

Jordan was still selling his debunked Weiss was denied his request to be named a special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation and he said:

I most certainly was a denial because he asked for it in the spring of 2022 and he wasn’t given it and he asked for it, the timing I think is important, Maria, because he asked for it right before he went to the US attorney in the District of Columbia to ask about partnering with the District of Columbia US attorney. And I asked him specifically, I said, when you asked to partner with another US attorney, what does that mean? He says, partner in prosecuting the case. So asked the US attorney of the District of Columbia, can you partner with me to prosecute Hunter Biden in the District of Columbia?

And guess what years that was focused on? Guess what that charge was going to be? That was going to be the tax years that dealt with the Burisma income. And the US attorney told him no. And at the same time before he goes there, he asks, can I have special attorney status? And the Department of Justice turns him down that to me is huge, hugely significant because the Barista years where all that income coming into Hunter Biden that statute of limitation, they let it expire and I think it expires because if they go there, that takes them right back to the White House, right back to Joe Biden.


It is all the same crazy loop of unending nonsense.

The ‘scandal’ that House Republicans are relying on for Biden’s impeachment was debunked years ago. There is witness testimony from the current investigation that debunks the claims of House Republicans.

House Republicans have spent millions of taxpayer dollars on this investigation, and they have nothing.

By retreating back to Burisma, Jim Jordan is exposing the failure of the GOP efforts.

Republicans are still going to try to use Burisma to impeach Biden, but they have already miserably failed to build a Biden scandal.

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