Home Technology Nvidia just made a whole lot easier to finetune your PC gaming settings

Nvidia just made a whole lot easier to finetune your PC gaming settings

Nvidia just made a whole lot easier to finetune your PC gaming settings


Nvidia just launched a new app that combined the Control Panel and GeForce Experience to make GPU and settings adjustments that much easier for PC gamers.

Part of the beauty of PC gaming is being able to fine-tune every aspect of your software to get the most out of your gameplay. For Nvidia users to do so, they need to access the outdated Control Panel App and dig into the depths of their settings to configure features like G-Sync. You’d also need a separate app, GeForce Experience, to take care of simple GPU adjustments, driver updates and quick settings.

Now, however, it just got a lot easier. The Nvidia App is only in its beta stages but claims to be able to update drivers and install standalone applications like GeForce Now, as well as make all kinds of GPU adjustments. Game and driver settings are also in one place for easy adjustments during gaming sessions.

Nvidia app opens up new features

As well as being a settings game-changer, there is a wealth of new features as well, including a newly-designed in-game overlay to make it easier to access recording tools and performance monitoring – a particularly useful feature for streamers. It allows you to employ various filters, including AI-powered ones for GeForce RTX users.

On the topic of RTX, the app appears to act as a gateway for those dipping their toes into the world of RTX capabilities, with the option to experiment with AI-optimized textures for older games that wouldn’t usually have RTX support. There’s also the new RTX Dynamic Vibrance to improve visual clarity, an upgrade to the old Digital Vibrance feature currently found in the Control Panel app.

The beta version of the Nvidia app is available to download right now via the company’s website.

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