Home Top 10 No, Apple isn’t making a touchscreen iMac like the Surface Studio

No, Apple isn’t making a touchscreen iMac like the Surface Studio

No, Apple isn’t making a touchscreen iMac like the Surface Studio


Apple has carried out work on an iMac computer with a fold down design akin to Microsoft Surface Studio, but reports suggesting a flexible touchscreen iMac may be on the way are likely wide of the mark.

In an updated patent filed with the United States Patent Office, Apple has outlined its version of a “low profile computer” that would transform an iMac into something that could by tilted, or placed flat for easier transportation.

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The patent itself appears to be for the stand rather than any suggestion of a full, large touchscren iMac that would be ideal for art, design and other productivity disciplines.

However, it doesn’t take much of a stretch to envision the potential advantages of an Apple-made solution akin to Microsoft’s intriguing offering that first debuted back in 2016.

Within the patent, Apple explains: “Some computer systems have a movable stand configured to transition between a collapsed state and a deployed or standing state. Some stands include handles or grips for moving the computer systems while collapsed. Other computer systems include handles or grips to provide areas to more easily carry the computer systems. The handles or grips can have features such as a flexible material to hide or mask their appearance on the computer system.”

imac touchscreen patent

Technology patents can pertain to existing tech, potential future integrations of features, and exploratory R&D work that is patented for intellectual property purposes.

Given Apple’s well-documented stance on mucky paw prints remaining off the pristine displays of Mac products, as well efforts made within the iPad range to cater for those who do want to prod and sketch on the display, we’d say there’s a low possibility of an all-in-one touchscreen iMac.


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