Newsmax hosts Rob Schmitt and Greg Kelly go there.

The two star Newsmax hosts had the courage and honesty to broach the topic of election fraud – something that is no longer allowed to be discussed in certain US jurisdictions.

As President Trump and his closest associates know, speaking of election fraud can now get you arrested and indicted with the threat of prison.

Too bad there are so few courageous Republicans willing to stand up for the people.

No other corporate media television anchors will touch the the stolen election. Kudos to Rob Schmitt and Greg Kelly.

Greg Kelly: One of the many silver linings. Rob, we’re going to be able to talk about the election of 2020 again. You know, for a long time, you felt like the police were going to show up if you started talking about election irregularities in 2020. I have grave concerns about the fairness of the election. Can I prove that it was stolen? No, I can’t. So I don’t say that. But I do think it’s logical that changing COVID rules, as Matt mentioned, I mean, using COVID as a pretext to change all the rules, sometimes illegally, those issues have never been fully resolved. And some on Trump’s team, including especially John Lauro, the new attorney, they seem very much prepared to go there and litigate that matter, which was never, in my opinion, sufficiently litigated.

Rob Schmitt: Is that a can of worms that anybody wants to open up in this country? Does anybody want to look back on that and have to maybe go through some of these irregularities and decide whether or not that was right?

Greg Kelly: I think we do. I think those of us who have our doubts about how well that election was handled and that could be lucrative and this could turn out in ways that the other side did not anticipate, I certainly think they could be opening up something that they’re not going to want to talk about.

This could get interesting. Do the Georgia officials REALLY want to air the late-night stolen ballots video to the entire nation?

Via The Storm Has Arrived.

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