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New OLIPOP Ginger Ale Soda for Easing Digestion

New OLIPOP Ginger Ale Soda for Easing Digestion


POV: You’re sandwiched in the dreaded middle seat of a plane when finally, the drink cart appears in your aisle. Between the travel day stress and turbulence-induced nausea, all that you’re dreaming about is an ice-cold, fizzy ginger ale to help settle your stomach. You take one sip and miraculously start feeling better. Ahhhhhh.

But what exactly is at play here? Is it a placebo effect, or can ginger ale really help relieve a tummy ache? Well, perhaps it’s a bit of both. Most ginger ales on the market won’t do much for relieving nausea (at least not on paper) since they contain very little to no real ginger whatsoever—but that doesn’t mean that a cold can of fizzy soda won’t make you feel better, at least emotionally speaking. If only there was a way to marry the anti-nausea and stomach-soothing benefits of ginger (ale) with science-backed gut-boosting support, you know? If only.

*Can enters stage left* 

Gasp, guys. OLIPOP, the popular soda company that makes tasty drinks filled with plant fiber and prebiotics to promote healthy digestion, has answered our troubled tummy’s dreams. They’re debuting a brand-new Ginger Ale flavor on August 29, and, yes, it has much more promising benefits for the gut. (Plus, use code “WELLGOOD15” for 15 percent off your next OLIPOP purchase.)


Why we have our eye on OLIPOP’s new gut-healthy ginger ale launch

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Across the board, OLIPOP is known for its line of tasty drinks that offer digestive health support, minimal natural sugars, and prebiotic plant fiber while maintaining that classic soda fizziness and flavor we know and love. And although we’ll never stop loving some of the original ginger ales on the market (hi, Canada Dry), there’s no denying that most of these old-school products contain an abundance of sugar that can potentially cause inflammation or, worse, an even more upset stomach. (For context, one can of Canada Dry contains 35 grams of sugar.) But this certainly doesn’t mean that all ginger ales are a lost cause when it comes to relieving digestion.

Case in point: OLIPOP’s new Ginger Ale. So, how does it stack up against its competitors? Well, for starters, it contains five grams of sugar per can—yeah, an entire 30 grams less than good ol’ Canada Dry. But what’s even more convincing is that OLIPOP’s drinks are specifically designed to help boost digestion, thanks to natural prebiotics and nine grams of fiber in their formulation. Impressive much?

If plain ginger ale ain’t your style, OLIPOP has other ginger-infused options on the roster to offer up. Their Ginger Lemon soda has even less sugar (only two grams per can), is vegan, gluten-free, and plant-powered by ingredients like real ginger juice, lemons, in addition to their OLISMART blend of fiber-boosting ingredients (cassava root fiber, chicory root inulin, Jerusalem artichoke inulin, nopal cactus, marshmallow root, calendula flower, and kudzu root).

Does ginger actually help soothe digestion?

Much to our relief (pun intended), consuming ginger to alleviate nausea isn’t just an old wives’ tale or your mom’s made-up remedy for when you were home sick as a kid. In fact, research shows that this ancient herb has very valid medicinal properties that can help treat symptoms of nausea or vomiting effectively.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that moderation is key when it comes to ginger. In order to reap its therapeutic benefits, experts recommend consuming no more than three to four grams of ginger a day (while women who are pregnant should consume no more than one gram daily).

This anti-inflammatory, immune-supporting ginger shot is calling your name:


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