Home Politics New Interview Shatters Questions About Biden’s Age

New Interview Shatters Questions About Biden’s Age

New Interview Shatters Questions About Biden’s Age


In an interview with The New Yorker, President Biden reportedly didn’t bungle a name or a date, as his mind was described as the same as ever.

How Did A Reporter Describe Joe Biden’s Age?

Via: The New Yorker:

For decades, there was a lightness about Joe Biden—a springy, mischievous energy that was hard not to like, even if it allowed some people to classify him as a lightweight. For better and worse, he is a more solemn figure now. His voice is thin and clotted, and his gestures have slowed, but, in our conversation, his mind seemed unchanged. He never bungled a name or a date.

At one point, he pulled out a white notecard inscribed with some of Trump’s most alarming comments: his threat to terminate the Constitution, his casual talk of being a dictator on “Day One,” his description of immigrants as “poisoning the blood of our country.” Biden tossed the list on his desk and gave a look of disbelief. “What the hell! ” he said. “If you and I had sat down ten years ago and I said a President is going to say those things, you would have looked at me like, ‘Biden, you’ve lost your senses.’

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President Biden Unlike Trump Remains Mentally Fit For Office

The contrast with his Republican opponent Donald Trump is clear. Over the weekend during a speech in Virginia, the likely Republican nominee again did not know who the current President of the United States is. Biden has done two interviews in the past week and was sharp in both.

The difference between the two candidates likely isn’t sinking in with most voters, because most voters aren’t paying attention to the 2024 election.

It may come as a surprise to people who read articles like this one, but the vast majority of people who will decide who the next president will be are living their lives and not thinking about who they will vote for.

Interviews like President Biden did with The New Yorker are important, and he should do a lot more of them.

The way for Joe Biden to negate the Republican and media hysteria about his age is to show people that he is fine. The President will have an opportunity do that at the State Of The Union this week, but most casual voters don’t watch the SOTU.

The American people need to see that Biden is fine, and Donald Trump clearly is not.

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