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My Review of the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass, Thailand

My Review of the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass, Thailand


If you are planning on visiting Thailand soon and want to explore the city of Bangkok, I have an amazingly great value option for travellers to use.

Introducing TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass.

The Bangkok day pass was easy to unlock by using the TAGTHAi app.

At the time of booking, the cost of the Bangkok day pass was around USD 28, which is GBP 23.

My ticket to the King Power Mahanakhan Skywalk would have set me back around the same amount, so anything else in addition to that was a bonus.

In total, I managed to double my savings plus more throughout the day as the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass covered a free sim card, attraction entrance, transportation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, a guided tuk-tuk tour and even a massage!

What I will do is walk you through all the activities that I was able to unlock and do across Bangkok by using the Bangkok Day Pass.

At this point, I wanted to highlight that you can get a free tourist sim card by simply downloading the TAGTHAi app.

The best place to pick up your free sim card is at BKK Bangkok airport.

You can then use the SIM card on your travels around Thailand.

Having a local Thai sim card with 4G data will help you to use the app much easier around Bangkok.

All of the attractions on the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass require you to scan the app to use the pass, so you will need to be online to use it.

Here is my in-depth review of the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass:

Entrance to Museum Siam

Included in the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass is the Entrance to Museum Siam.

Simply head to the ticket desk, show your pass and get your sticker entrance ticket to the Museum Siam.

An optional guided audio tour of the Museum Siam is available if you wish.

The Museum Siam is easy to get to using the metro line, and the station is next to the museum.

I loved exploring the Museum Siam, which takes you through Bangkok’s history in a beautifully dated and historically well-protected building.

Learn about Thai pop culture, the city of Bangkok through the years, Thai inventions, Thai culture and Thai fashion as well as walk through popular Thai dishes across this interactive museum that comes to life.

The Museum Siam can easily be discovered in an hour or two, so be sure not to miss it.

Entrance to Wat Suthat Temple


Included in the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass is the Entrance to Wat Suthat Temple.

Simply show your pass at the entrance to get a map containing loads of information about Wat Suthat Temple.

You can easily walk around the grounds within an hour and discover the temples and the lined-up golden Buddha statues that are on display.

This is a must-visit on any trip to Bangkok, and it’s great that entrance is included with the pass.

One-hour Tuk Tuk Hop tour around old town Bangkok


One attraction that you should call ahead to book in advance with the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass is the one-hour Tuk Tuk Hop tour.

It’s required to book the day before, so you will have to call in advance and let them know you have the pass to book your time slot.

Head to the river taxi stop Maharajah where your tuk-tuk driver will be waiting for you at your allocated time.

What a great way to explore the old side of Bangkok and its many attractions by taking a one-hour Tuk Tuk Hop tour.

The tuk-tuk driver is also your guide and for an hour will whizz you around the old part of Bangkok visiting its many attractions and historical sites.

What I liked most about the tuk-tuk was that it was comfortable, modern and electric, which was cool.

If you visit Bangkok, you simply have to go on a tuk-tuk ride around the city, and this is a safe and secure way of doing so.

The tour is covered as part of the Bangkok Day Pass – usually, tuk-tuk rides don’t have a set price and you have to haggle.

This way you can prebook your tuk-tuk ride in advance and don’t have to worry about haggling for the total fare, as it’s all covered by the pass and you get a guided tour visiting the sites as a bonus.

Riri Cafe BKK for coffee and toast for breakfast


If you’re looking for a great spot for breakfast in the morning, why not walk through Chinatown and check out Riri Cafe BKK for a coffee?

Included in the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass, you can unlock a breakfast set by scanning your pass.

It’s also located next to one of the riverboat taxi spots, so you can easily commute across Bangkok once you’ve finished.

King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk


A new attraction to Bangkok is the King Power Mahanakhan Skywalk.

Good news, the entrance ticket is included in the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass.

Usually, entrance tickets to the skywalk can be expensive and busy, especially on the weekend.

With your day pass, you can go to the ticket collection and then head up to the Skywalk.

The King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk offers incredible views overlooking the city of Bangkok.

If you time your entrance time well, you can enjoy the skyline during the day and then take in a stunning sunset over the city of Bangkok.

This was a highlight visitor attraction for me on the day, and I would happily go again because the views are stunning.

If you’re brave enough, you can walk on the Glass Tray, which is 310 metres above the city of Bangkok.

It’s super scary and super fun at the same time, so be sure to try this walkout for yourself.

I loved the bar on top as well, perfect spot for grabbing a drink and watching the sun set over Bangkok.

All-Day Phraya Tourist Boat, Hop-on Hop-off


Also included in the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass is an All-Day Phraya Tourist Boat, Hop-on Hop-off ticket.

Simply arrive at your first water taxi stop, and the ticket conductor will scan your app to issue a day pass that can be used all day along the routes following the scheduled times.

Personally, when I visit Bangkok, I always use the water taxi as a mode of transport to get around the city.

It’s a great way to explore the Phraya river and get across Bangkok without being stuck in busy traffic during peak times.

You can also use the water taxi to see some of Bangkok’s top attractions from the river, such as the stunning Wat Arun Ratchawararam.

It’s an affordable option too and a great way to get between some of the attractions and locations included in the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass.

Baan Khanitha the Heritage for a spicy Thai salad for lunch


Located along the water taxi route, you will find the newly opened ICONSIAM shopping mall.

Included in the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass is the Baan Khanitha the Heritage, which is a perfect spot for lunch offering amazing views of the Bangkok skyline.

I went for the spicy Thai salad for lunch, which was included in the app.

Wow! This dish was super tasty and super spicy! Even better enjoying lunch with a wonderful view.

You can then get the water taxi one stop to Sathorn to grab a BTS Skytrain.

One-hour Thai oil massage at Ko-lok


Yes, you read that correctly, a one-hour Thai oil massage is also included in your TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass!

It’s the pass that just keeps on giving value.

This is one of the activities on the pass that you must book in advance and call ahead to confirm your booking, which you can also do via the app to secure your scheduled time.

You have a selection of massage locations around Bangkok to choose from and I went for the one-hour Thai oil massage at Ko-lok.

The massage was so relaxing; I went for the coconut oil and it was perfect after a long day exploring Bangkok. Just what I needed at the end of the day.

The massage was in a private room, which included a shower, so you can freshen up once you’ve finished.

As well as a relaxing massage, you can also book a haircut on the app if you prefer to have a trim instead.

Coca restaurant for duck and rice set dinner menu


For dinner, you have many Bangkok dining options to choose from on the TAGTHAi app.

This is one of the positives of using the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass – you can also include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks into your daily cost to unlock even more value by using the pass.

I ended up at the Coca restaurant and ordered the duck and rice set dinner menu, which included an iced tea and a traditional Thai dessert.

This was a really good dining option, and the duck was fantastic.

It’s great to try some tasty local Thai dishes, such as Pa Thong Ko, which is a tasty Thai-style doughnut that you dip into sweet condensed milk. Perfection!

Audrey cafe for cake and drink to end the day


To end my long day exploring Bangkok, I headed to Audrey cafe for a takeaway cake and drink, which is included in the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass.

You can find many Audrey cafe locations around Bangkok by using the app. I found the one located closest to my hotel, so I could crash for the night.

I went for the Italian lemon soda and Thai tea crepe cake, and it was delightful to enjoy at the end of the day!

Audrey cafe also offers an alternative rice or pasta dish, if you wish to head here for lunch.

Another lunch option is the French style bakery called PAUL, which is also on the TAGTHAi app.

You can order from a selection of sandwiches. When I went to order at PAUL, they had sadly run out of sandwiches for the day, so it might be worth picking one up earlier, if you want to grab this option.

I was going to end the day with a cocktail at one of the many sky bars around Bangkok that are listed on the app.

I would have had time to enjoy a late night cocktail at VELA Rooftop, for example, but as I was using the app on a Wednesday, the bar wasn’t open on this day.

Just a heads up that some rooftop bars listed on the app are only open on the weekend.

Thank you for reading my review of the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass


Thank you for passing by my blog and reading my review of the TAGTHAi Bangkok, Day Pass.

It was great fun exploring Bangkok and unlocking loads of value by using the TAGTHAi Bangkok Day Pass. I hope you found this review useful towards planning your trip.

If you have any questions about the pass, please feel free to send me an email, I will be more than happy to help.

I hope you have as much fun as me exploring the city of Bangkok, Thailand.


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