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Monthly Horoscope For November 2023, From The AstroTwins


November is a month of integration, a time to anchor ourselves amidst the intensity, to find space to process all that’s happened since the planet plunged into turmoil last month. Your November 2023 horoscope has all the cosmic details to navigate.

This full moon will form a T-square (a 3-way tug o’ war) with the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn in Pisces. While this lunar lift can open the floodgates for communication, we must remember that not talking is still a form of communication. Are your listening skills as good as your oratory powers? You’ll want them to be.

In the case of a T-square, we look for the fourth sign of the “modality” for answers. In this case, the missing sign is sensible, analytical Virgo, indicating a need to do more than just talk at each other. A plan, with points spelled out one by one, will be needed in order to achieve a lofty or hopeful vision of any magnitude.

We may move into December with more questions than answers—but hopefully with better questions that we can ask of ourselves during philosophical Sagittarius season.

Sifting through so much information and emotion this month will take energy, but we have the chance to emerge with some wisdom and hopefully, the remembrance of our common humanity.

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