Home Politics Mike Johnson Humiliated As Israel Funding Bill Collapses

Mike Johnson Humiliated As Israel Funding Bill Collapses

Mike Johnson Humiliated As Israel Funding Bill Collapses


Speaker Mike Johnson pushed to pass a stand-alone Israel funding bill, but his effort has humiliatingly collapsed after far-right opposition.

Mike Johnson Can’t Pass Israel Funding Bill

CNN’s Manu Raju reported:

Speaker Mike Johnson’s push to pass a stand-alone package for $17.6 billion in Israel aid is on the brink of collapse amid opposition from far-right Republicans and Democratic leaders, according to multiple GOP sources.

Because of resistance among members of the House Freedom Caucus, Johnson has been forced to bring up the bill under a procedure that requires 2/3 majority of the House to approve it. That means he needs the support of a sizable number of Democrats to get behind it.

But House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries and his leadership team say they will oppose the plan, contending that it amounts to a “political stunt” as they try to push a “comprehensive” plan – meaning a package that includes aid to Israel, Ukraine, Taiwan and U.S. border security.

Top Republicans now believe they will fail to get the support to pass the stand-alone Israel aid package. But they still plan to hold the vote Tuesday evening in an effort to hammer Democrats over Israel, GOP sources said.

Remember way back to the days of a few months ago when Mike Johnson was going to be the speaker who would bring Republicans together in ways that Kevin McCarthy couldn’t to get things done?

Why Is Mike Johnson Just Like Kevin McCarthy?

Johnson is stuck in the exact same place as McCarthy. Speaker Johnson can’t get anything done without Democratic votes, and sabotaging the bipartisan border deal means House Democrats won’t play ball. This leaves Johnson with a vanishing House majority and an increasing record of failure.

More than failing to get things done, Mike Johnson is showing an embarrassing inability to lead and is being humiliated by his conference.

Apparently, God wants Mike Johnson to be a failed Speaker of the House.

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