Home Politics Michigan Charges 16 Trump Fake Electors With 8 Felonies

Michigan Charges 16 Trump Fake Electors With 8 Felonies

Michigan Charges 16 Trump Fake Electors With 8 Felonies


It is being reported that Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel has criminally charged 16 Trump fake electors with 8 felonies that if convicted would carry decades in prison.

Video from CNN:

CNN reported:

 There are eight counts in all. 16 defendants — facing eight counts. Decades in prison. This is notable because this is the first time that these alleged fake electors are being charged criminally by state prosecutors. This is coming from the attorney general Dana Nessel here in Michigan. This stemmed from December 14th, 2020, here in Michigan, 16 of the fake electors tried to storm into the capital and they were stopped by police but they had fake certificates declaring Donald Trump the winner of the state of Michigan despite that Joe Biden had won by 154,000 votes. They were prepared to try to argue that Donald Trump had won the election. And after a long investigation, by the attorney general, she actually initially referred it to federal prosecutors but started her own investigation back in January.

She’s now charging 16 of those defendants, we’ve been watching the court proceedings happen throughout the day. The defendants are expected to that will turn themselves in, in the coming days. And there are some notable names. So, Jake, this is a notable move by the state’s attorney general Dana Nessel charging 16 of these fake electors notably there is also these investigations into the fake elector scheme in those six other states where those electors tried to submit those fake documents in favor of Donald Trump.

Those investigations in Georgia and Arizona are ongoing and today the first state electors for a number of charges, forgery and conspiracy theory to commit election faux forgery so a notable move coming from the attorney general here in Lansing, Michigan.

The fake electors are starting to face justice. All of the people who played a role in the attack on democracy and the effort to overturn the government are beginning to face justice. There are signs that the system is working and democracy won’t be fully protected until those who attempted to destroy the nation’s system of government are held accountable.


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