Home Politics Maybe Republicans Will Impeach Me Because Inflation Is Coming Down

Maybe Republicans Will Impeach Me Because Inflation Is Coming Down

Maybe Republicans Will Impeach Me Because Inflation Is Coming Down


President Biden was in Maine on Friday to sign an Executive Order to prioritize America’s policy of “invent it here, make it here,” which is intended to benefit American workers and boost global supply chain resilience.

During his speech, the President joked that Republicans would have to find something else to criticize him for now that inflation is coming down, but joked, “Maybe they’ll decide to impeach me because it’s coming down.”

“We’re growing faster. We’re economically more advanced than every other major country in the world. It’s down from 9% to 3%, and it’s going to continue to go down. While there’s more work ahead, earlier this week the Washington Post suggested, Republicans may have to find something else to criticize me for now that inflation is coming down. Maybe they’ll decide to impeach me because it’s coming down. I don’t know. I’d love that one. Well anyway.”

Biden got big applause when he said, “Made in America. Made in America!”


The President touted his executive order to “invent it here and make it here” and new procurement rules to buy American-made products, which a fact sheet from the White House pointed out is meant to counter the fact that “many innovative technologies have ended up being manufactured elsewhere, even when the research behind those inventions has been funded with taxpayer dollars and can be manufactured domestically.”

“Instead of exporting American jobs, we’re creating American jobs, and we’re exporting American products,” the President said.

“You see they don’t think we have an environmental crisis,” Biden said, of Republicans. “Like I said in my State of the Union, I’ve seen them at the groundbreakings,” Biden said of Republicans who voted against the IRA, but have touted its projects in their areas, noting “the senator from Alabama.”

Sen. Tommy Tuberville was thrilled when the Biden administration gave Alabama approximately $1.4 billion in late June of 2023 so they could expand high-speed internet.

“’Great to see Alabama receive crucial funds to boost ongoing broadband efforts,’ Sen. Tommy Tuberville wrote on Twitter, without acknowledging that the money originated in a law that he — and dozens of other Republicans — had voted against,” the Washington Post pointed out.

This is how petty Republicans have become — they refuse to even display the most basic of decent manners in public and their base isn’t even chagrined about it. Biden isn’t forcing people to thank him like Trump did, nor should he. But showing a modicum of grace and class would not be out of order for any public official toward another who is helping their constituents.

Biden also said the majority of IRA and infrastructure funds have gone to politically red areas, which makes sense given that rural areas lean red and are often the last to get upgraded infrastructure.

Biden acknowledged that the economy isn’t fixed and done, saying, “I’m not here to declare victory on the economy. We have more work to do.” But still. He should be allowed to take a victory bow given how dire things looked and how much effort his specific policies put toward shoring up our economy.

The Washington Post reported (my bold), “Biden’s policies are fueling a surge in private investments and contributing to GDP growth… A surge in government funding and related private investment is beginning to make its way to businesses and communities across the country, building electric vehicles, new bridges, airport upgrades and a host of other infrastructure and green energy projects that are juicing the economy — just when it needs it most…The jump in private investment, in particular, is already filtering into the economy.”

The Post wonders if voters will notice or care. They will only notice or care if they are told to by the media or Biden uses the bully pulpit to drive it home.

Impeaching Biden for reducing inflation would be on brand for how rabid Republicans are becoming in their attacks on the Democrat. There is nothing to impeach Biden over, so they are making things up. They could probably get their base on board with hating Biden for lowering inflation.

The things Republicans make up to accuse Biden of sans evidence or even suggestion usually bear an uncanny resemblance to the exact scandals that Donald Trump has been surrounded by since he ran in 2015, and now they’ve resorted to referring to the Biden family as the “Biden crime family.”

Of course, it’s not Joe Biden who is facing 74 felony charges in two different states on two different matters, one of which pertains to endangering U.S. national security and the other of which stems from the kind of mob bossy things Trump has always done. And it’s not Joe Biden’s family that made billions from the Saudis right after leaving the White House or got 18 trademarks to companies linked to himself and his daughter from China while in the White House. And it’s not Joe Biden who tried to withhold federal money from Ukraine until they made up dirt on his opponent.

But guys, Rudy Guiliani will be giving a Four Seasons Total Landscaping presser any day to explain Marjorie Taylor Greene’s obsession with Hunter Biden’s nudes latest conspiracy theories about Joe Biden which will have as much credibility as anything else she has said or done in the last several years.

Inflation is coming down and instead of being pro-America and supportive that things are getting better for their own voters, Republicans are screaming about manufactured drama, outright fiction, and salivating over revenge p@rn of Biden’s adult son.


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