Democrat Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey on Thursday deployed 250 National Guard members to help deal with the influx of illegal aliens overrunning their state. Their main task will be to transfer the asylum seekers to shelters around the state.

“We’re grateful to the brave men and women of the National Guard for stepping up to help us ensure that every family in emergency shelter has their needs met, including access to food, transportation, medical care, and education. While we work to implement a more permanent staffing solution, the National Guard will provide an efficient and effective means of delivering these services and keeping everybody safe,” Governor Healey said in a statement.

New York Post Reported:

Massachusetts officials overwhelmed by arriving migrants have activated the national guard as they scramble for more housing, while aid groups say they have been pushed to the limit and protests abound.

Gov. Maura Healey mobilized 250 members of the Massachusetts National Guard on Thursday to help transport the latest wave of asylum seekers to shelters across the state.

But much like the crisis overtaking the Big Apple, Massachusetts has nowhere near enough housing or resources currently available to accommodate the influx.

On Saturday, protesters came out to the Yarmouth Resort motel to have their voices heard. Since the state is considering using this facility to house migrants, the residents were unhappy because homeless Veterans and residents were being sidelined.

CBS Boston reported:

New York City has been experiencing the same issues. They have more illegal immigrants than they know what to do with.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is now claiming that there is no more room in the city for illegal border crossers.

The strategy of sending these people from border states to blue areas has worked very well. Liberals are starting to understand what their policies do to people in other parts of the country.

Adams is even planning to send fliers down to the border to let illegals know that they will not find shelter in New York.

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