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LinkedIn hits 1 billion users launches AI chatbot coach

LinkedIn hits 1 billion users launches AI chatbot coach


On Wednesday, November 1, 2023, LinkedIn revealed that it has reached over 1 billion members and has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to serve as a “job seeker coach.” Along with the chatbot, the Microsoft-owned company also launched other generative AI tools exclusive to its Premium subscribers. This move is part of LinkedIn’s ongoing commitment to AI-driven solutions, having previously released automated recruiting messages and AI-created job descriptions.

Job Seeker Coach and exclusive generative AI tools

The AI chatbot, dubbed the “Job Seeker Coach,” aims to provide personalized career guidance, job search assistance, and tailored recommendations for upgrading skills and improving one’s professional profile. The exclusive generative AI tools for Premium subscribers are designed to enhance networking experiences, optimize content creation, and save time for users by automating various tasks, such as generating pre-populated conversation starters and suggesting relevant articles for sharing.

The new AI chatbot is based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 and became available to select Premium members on Wednesday. Notably, Microsoft has also invested in OpenAI. To deliver a smooth and interactive chatbot experience, LinkedIn’s engineering team invested significant efforts in decreasing platform latency, says Erran Berger, LinkedIn’s Vice President of Product Engineering. As a result of this collaboration, users can now expect swift and engaging conversations with the chatbot, enhancing their overall LinkedIn experience.

In a recent conversation with CNBC, Berger emphasized the importance of developing platform features that guarantee fast and effective communication experiences for users. He stated that in today’s fast-paced digital world, users expect seamless, real-time interactions that cater to their needs efficiently. Berger also highlighted that the company’s primary focus is on continuously enhancing these platform features to not only retain their existing user base but also attract new users who value quick and impactful communication.

Boosting revenue growth and user engagement

This effort comes as LinkedIn looks to boost revenue growth after eight consecutive quarters of slowed progress. In an attempt to revitalize their platform, LinkedIn is exploring new features and opportunities for user engagement. By implementing innovative strategies, the company hopes to attract more users and advertisers, ultimately driving up revenue and reversing the downward trend.

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