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Lightyear Frontier – How to restore Pine Heights

Lightyear Frontier – How to restore Pine Heights


We are definitely a little bit in love with Lightyear Frontier and if there is one thing the demo has taught us is that things are not always obvious in this beautiful little life/farming sim with chilled No Man’s Sky vibes.

From the off, you will be getting tasks popping up in the window at the top right corner of your HUD, one of which will be Restore Pine Heights. All well and good, except you don’t know where it is, or what to do when you find it. Let’s solve those problems for you now.

It’s a multi-part process so let’s get going

How to restore Pine Heights

First things first, check out the Map (the M key on your PC. Here you will see you starting area and Pine Heights to your North West. It’s actually quite a sizeable area of the initial map, but there is no point heading there yet. You need to first locate all your missing tools after you have recovered your Mech.

Get in the Mech and wander around the map until you have collected all the tools it tells you to. You can spot them on the terrain because they will be issuing colored smoke from the wreckage.

You are now going to use two of those tools to restore Pine Heights. The first you need is the Vacuum Harvester. Access your Tool Wheel (Q) and find a pool of water, there are plenty about but you are going to need multiple visits as the vac doesn’t hold anywhere enough of the resources to get the job done. Slightly irritating, but such is life. Use the Vacuum Harvester on the water to suck it up until the meter is filled.

Now we can head off to Pine Heights. It’s worth noting here it is so called as it contains a lot of Pine Trees which are a source of Soft Wood.

Make your way to Pine Heights using the map if need be. Here we are going to have to wash away the Noxious Slime pools with the fresh water you sucked up just now. Switch your tool to the Irrigation Hose and now you can spray water on the slime to get rid of it.

Don’t go crazy because you will soon need another trip to a pond to refill so try and use just the correct amount.

As you trot about removing the slime a Percentage bar will fill up showing you how close you are to restoring Pine Heights. Note, it will go up slower than you would like it to. There is a lot of slime hanging around and it is quite a big area and it is easy to miss a patch or two and struggle to fill the bar and complete the job.

A screenshot showing water being sprayed on Noxious Slime in Lightyear Frontier

The best advice to find it all is it glows more obviously at night and to try and get a higher vantage point to see where there might be some left.

Once it has all gone, Pine Heights is restored. Mission accomplished.


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