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Leo Season 2023 Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign

Leo Season 2023 Horoscopes for Every Zodiac Sign


As the summer chugs along and the sun burns that much brighter, so does the energy of the universe. On the heels of an emotional and introspective Cancer season, it’s now Leo’s turn to shine its confident energy upon us all. According to astrologers, this year’s Leo season will be the very pinnacle of summer vibes—a time to embrace our creativity, lift up our loved ones, and harness our full power. Below, find intel about what to expect from Leo season in 2023, plus how every zodiac sign can expect to embody the lion’s brave energy this year.

When is Leo season 2023?

Leo season starts when the sun moves into the sign of Leo on July 22 and lasts until August 22, after which point the sun moves into meticulous Virgo. During this time, the characteristics and traits of the confident fire sign could feel especially acute for us all—especially as we emerge from Cancer’s more reserved time in the spotlight.

Overall mood and energy of Leo season 2023

The zodiac equivalent of a dopamine hit, Leo’s sociable, magnetic personality embodies all the adventure and fun of the summer season. Ruled by the sun, which astrologer Rachel Lang calls “the brightest luminary in our heavens,” Leo shines brightly in all areas of life, and is especially adept when it comes to leadership and creativity. It’s no wonder the sign is symbolized by a lion; Leo energy is confident, loyal, and ambitious.

It’s this solar-powered confidence that colors the vibe of Leo season in 2023, giving every zodiac sign the determination to express themselves and chase after what they want. “When I think of Leo, I think about what I’m here to do and how I am shining my light,” says Lang. In turn, Leo season is the time to step into your power and pursue your dreams and desires; start that project, make some adventurous fashion choices, and flex those leadership muscles.

“When I think of Leo, I think about what I’m here to do and how I am shining my light.” —Rachel Lang, astrologer

Beneath all that pizzazz, however, can lie a harsher reality—that embodying confidence is often easier said than done. According to non-binary astrologer Sean Pacheco, “Leos tend to approach people with a bright, big smile and may seem like they always have it all together, but you have to remember that sometimes this is a mask.” There may be a fake-it-’til-you-make-it mentality in Leo season, especially given that genuine self-expression opens you up to criticism.

But even though a Leo can be prideful and prefers to avoid embarrassment, they still see the risk of ridicule as worth the potential reward of being fully themselves and being celebrated for it. And that’s exactly the energy that we should all feel empowered to harness this season. “No matter what, Leo will dedicate themselves to building their talents and continuing to express themselves, and that’s a very admirable act,” says Pacheco.

Key transits affecting every sign during Leo season 2023

Planetary movements

The biggest astrological transit on the horizon is Venus retrograde, which spans the entirety of Leo season, during which time Venus, the planet of love and beauty, appears to move backward in Leo. Retrogrades are a time to pause and reconsider recent events and behaviors (rather than to take action), and in this case, we’ll be pushed “to reassess how we want to show up in our relationships and change the dynamics that aren’t working for us,” says Lang. She advises asking yourself what’s going to “bring you the most pleasure and power going forward” and figuring out how to release whatever doesn’t serve these goals.

This spirit of letting go continues on July 25 as Pluto, the planet of transformation, forms a tough square to the north and south nodes, invisible points in the sky associated with fate. “Pluto at that 90-degree square aspect allows us to see what obstacles stand in the way of us really feeling like we’re living with a sense of purpose,” says Lang. And once we identify this unnecessary baggage from our past, we’ll be more capable of releasing it and moving forward with less resistance.

Expect some more positive energy when Mercury, the planet of communication, moves out of Leo and enters Virgo, one of the signs over which it rules, on July 28. In particular, you can anticipate a boost of creativity to endeavors that have to do with speaking, writing, and exchanging ideas, says Pacheco.

Virgo’s trademark fastidiousness could also lend us all the inclination to be more precise with our words, just as its efficiency could help bring order to chaos. “Given Virgo is a mutable sign, it’s open-minded and experimental, making this an ideal time to find creative solutions to the problems in your life,” says Pacheco.

Lunar transits

Just before Leo season begins, the north and south lunar nodes—those fated points in the sky, which fall at the intersection of the moon’s orbit and the Earth’s—shift into new signs, heralding a vibe shift that’ll affect us until January 2025. The nodes always move in pairs; this time, the north node moves from Taurus into Aries, and the south, from Scorpio into Libra.

Assertive Aries inspires us to go after what we personally want, while congenial Libra encourages us to go over our relationships with a fine-tooth comb. “This is the axis of independence versus codependence, but because of the north node in Aries, there will be a pull for people to embrace a more independent spirit,” says Pacheco. “A south node in Libra means we’re [shifting away from] cutting people too much slack and giving people too many chances or being too compromising.”

The arrival of the full moon in Aquarius—the sign of community and friendships—on August 3 gives us all a chance to take stock of the company we keep, says Lang. “This can be a really social full moon, but it can also be a time to perhaps reevaluate some of the groups and social circles in which we play,” she says. At the end of the day, Aquarius marches to the beat of its own drum, so this Aquarian lunation is also a time to decide what makes you feel like, well, you, says Pacheco.

Understanding how Leo season will affect you, based on your birth chart

The sun in Leo has a different effect on every zodiac sign because of its unique interplay with each one. While you can certainly read the below horoscope for your sun sign (as you normally might), Pacheco and Lang suggest reading for your rising sign—the sign that reflects how you present yourself to the world—to get the most accurate forecast. (To learn yours, plug your birth date, time, and location into a free natal chart generator like this one.)

The reason why? Your rising sign is what dictates the zodiac sign that rules over each of the 12 astrological houses in your birth chart (each of which corresponds to a particular realm of life); that means, your rising sign is also what determines where the sign of Leo falls in your chart and, in turn, what area of your life will be most affected during Leo season.

Below, find intel from Lang and Pacheco on what every zodiac sign can expect from Leo season in 2023, plus insights on how to unleash your inner lion.

Leo season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

According to Lang, this Leo season could be a pretty romantic time for you, Aries. The sun in Leo shines in your fifth house, which is the realm of creativity, romance, and joy. While you certainly want to take this star-sanctioned opportunity to enjoy yourself, avoid temptations to reignite a relationship from the past just for the sake of a thrill. Read: Don’t text your ex. (After all, Venus is retrograde.)

Instead, think about the present and the future, and pack your bags for a vacation, suggests Lang, especially if it’ll involve doing an activity that nourishes your creativity.


Leo season sees the sun move through your fourth house of home, ancestry, and family, Taurus. According to Lang, this means you could find yourself exploring what it means to be rooted or grounded.

Perhaps you’re spending more time with your family or exploring your cultural background, or maybe you’re re-assessing your home decor. “You might also be learning more about what establishes the emotional foundation of your life and what truly makes you peaceful and comfortable,” says Pacheco.


The sun is in your third house of communication, neighbors, siblings, and short-distance travel, Gemini—an auspicious place for you, in particular. Communication is one of the words associated with your sign all year long, says Lang, but in Leo season, you’re really going to be on fire in this realm. It’s a great time to get any projects off the ground that involve communicating big ideas.

Regardless, you could find yourself doing plenty of reading, writing, and speaking, says Pacheco—all great activities to put you more in tune with your own worldview. “You’re going to be thinking about the mindsets and attitudes that you hold, and how you respond to the world based on those mindsets and attitudes,” they say.


What really adds value to your life, material or otherwise, Cancer? That’s the question that Pacheco says you’ll be asking yourself as the sun moves through your second house of resources and possessions this Leo season. “You’re thinking about your self-worth and how you feel in the face of others, and you’re embracing putting yourself out there,” they say.

You may find this to be an auspicious time for your bank account, too. More opportunities for financial development could come your way, says Pacheco.


It’s your season, Leo, and the sun is shining brightly in your sign—aka your first house of self and identity. This is a great time to really home in on what exactly you want out of your life, and make plans to go get it. In particular, Lang advises setting intentions and “really being aware of how you best want to use your energy and share your gifts with the world,” she says. It’s time to dismantle any patterns or dynamics that have been putting you on the back burner, she adds.


It’s time to dive deep, Virgo. The sun in Leo moves through your 12th house of dreams and intuition, making this an ideal time to look inward and lay the foundation for what comes next, says Lang. To do so will likely involve some introspection about what your true purpose and bigger life goals really are, says Pacheco.

With Mars and Mercury in your sign, Lang says this is also a “get busy, get moving, get activated kind of period,” so chances are, you’ll feel plenty motivated to do all of the above internal work.


Celestially, this season is giving a jam-packed social life, Libra. The sun is in your 11th house of friends, so you can expect to put yourself out there more, says Pacheco, both within your existing relationships and in favor of forming new ones.

“This is a time where you’re going to be socializing more, connecting more, and networking more,” says Pacheco. You could find yourself heading out to more events, joining new clubs or groups, and making new connections at work. But as you embrace your inner social butterfly, don’t forgot to pause and consider what it really means to you to have a strong network of support—and who is worthy of being in that network.


Your career is about to have a cosmic moment, Scorpio, as the sun moves through your 10th house of work and reputation. There’s a chance you’ll get some hard-earned recognition at work, a raise, or a promotion, says Pacheco, and it’s worth devoting some time to thinking about how you’ll step into that new role.

In any case, there’s no need to be concerned about your capacity to handle things. Like Leo, you have a natural affinity for leadership, so you’ll be able to answer the call when you’re asked to take on more responsibility, says Pacheco.


The sun moves through your ninth house, Sagittarius, which is all about long-distance travel and expanding your horizons—a fitting place for the zodiac’s archetypal adventurer. You certainly won’t spend your fellow fire sign’s season being idle. “This is a time during which you may want to explore different perspectives and learn more about the world,” says Pacheco. You could find yourself traveling, reading philosophical texts, or getting more in tune with your religion or spirituality, they say.


It’s time for you to recognize your personal power and take control of your life, Capricorn. Leo season activates your eighth house of finances, investments, and debts, which could have you examining what lessons you might learn from recent challenges. This could involve taking a critical look at some of your lower moments, says Pacheco, but remember that this is in service of a positive goal. When “the sun brings light to the darkness, it also brings progression and growth,” they say.


Relationships could be on the brain, Aquarius, as the sun moves through your seventh house of partnerships. According to Pacheco, if you’re in a relationship, this is a time to reflect on how you feel as part of a duo, and if you’re single, you may feel ready to mingle. “This is also a time where you’re learning more about what it’s like to have a healthy relationship, and about what expectations, boundaries, and compromise look like,” they add.


Are you feeling the urge to re-up your daily routines, Pisces? The sun moves through your sixth house of health, wellness, and rituals this Leo season, encouraging you to “focus on self-improvement and new ways to optimize your life,” says Pacheco. It’s great to get on track and implement new well-being practices, but be careful not to push yourself too hard to adopt a ton of habits at once; remember to leave time for rest—because that’s productive, too.


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