Home Technology Lego Fortnite introduces Building Kits in latest update

Lego Fortnite introduces Building Kits in latest update

Lego Fortnite introduces Building Kits in latest update


Lego Fortnite has proved to be wildly popular and Epic Games are figuring out new ways to monetize their hot property. Today (March 8) they are launching a huge new update which includes purchasable Building Kits.

The selection kicks off with two Kits available and a further one due to launch later in the month. They include a variety of Builds, Building Parts, and Decor items which players can use to liven up their survival worlds. 

Available from March 9 at 7 pm ET, the new kits are impressive visually and sure to appeal to people who enjoy the creative side of Lego Fortnite.

The Beachside Boulevard Bundle

This bundle is a beautiful collection of beach villas and other classic beachside buildings.

Launches: March 9

Cost: 1,900 V-Bucks

Builds: Seven

Decor Items: 44

The Durrr Burger Bundle

This bundle is an adorable burger joint with a delightfully silly theme.

Launches: March 9

Cost: 2,000 V-Bucks

Builds: three

Decor Items: 41

The Lion Knight’s Castle Bundle

This bundle is inspired by a classic LEGO set and promises to create some epic set pieces.

Launches: March 16, 8 pm ET

Cost: 2,500 V-Bucks

Builds: 10

Decor Items: 64

When you’ve purchased the items in the store they will be available from the Build Menu within Lego Fortnite. As with all buildings in-game, you will have to seek out resources to fund your creations.

As well as being available in your own Lego Fortnite worlds, you can add them to up to eight of your friends’ worlds every week, so no need to hoard them for yourself!

What else is in the new Lego Fortnite update?

As well as the new Building Kits, the V29.00 update includes several major bug fixes, including several improvements to overall stability that will be welcome news to people suffering from crashes.

In addition, there is a slew of new skins being added to the Lego Fortnite store that will be familiar to Fortnite fans: Beach Bomber, Brite Agent, Burnout, Chomp Sr, Hime, Marshmello, Maven, Spider Knight, Toxic Trooper, and Vertex are all being Lego-fied.

The final major update in V29.00 is the ability to display any legendary fish you might have caught on your adventures.

In their announcement, Epic Games also hinted at an upcoming release which will add “steering wheels and more mechanical mayhem.” This should be coming later this month so keep your eyes open!

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