Home Politics Judge Orders Trump RICO Trial To Be Televised

Judge Orders Trump RICO Trial To Be Televised

Judge Orders Trump RICO Trial To Be Televised


Judge Scott McAfee ordered that all of the hearings and trials related to Trump’s Georgia RICO case will be televised and streamed online.

Via: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Judge Scott McAfee also said he is following the precedent set by fellow Fulton Judge Robert McBurney; all hearings and trials will be broadcast on the Fulton County Court YouTube channel.

In an order issued Thursday, McAfee said members of the media would be allowed to use computers and cellphones inside the courtroom for non-recording purposes during court proceedings. There will be pool coverage for television, radio and still photography.

It was expected that the Georgia trials would be televised. Even though Trump and his campaign say that they want a televised trial, it is clearly something that both Trump and the Republican Party don’t want.

A televised Trump trial has the potential to make the coverage of the OJ Simpson trial look understated and restrained. Trump’s trial will take place during the campaign, and it will upstage anything else that is going on. Fani Willis and Judge McAfee have already shown with other Trump defendants that they are taking the right to a speedy trial seriously.

Trump will try to stall and delay, but if he is on trial during a presidential campaign as the Republican nominee, it will be an unprecedented moment in US history


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