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JBL Live 770NC vs Live 670NC: How do they compare?

JBL Live 770NC vs Live 670NC: How do they compare?


JBL has unveiled two new additions to its headphones range in the Live 770NC and Live 670NC.

Both noise-cancelling headphones join the line-up in September, but what are the differences between these two headphones? Keep reading to discover how these two new Live headphones compare. 

The Live 770NC feature an over-ear design 

The main difference between the Live 770NC and the Live 660NC is how they sit on the ears. The Live 670NC have a more compact on-ear design, while the Live 770NC have an over-ear design with large oval-shaped ear cups which should aid with noise cancellation. 

Otherwise, the design is very much the same across both pairs. The two headphones even come in the same colourways – black, white, blue and sandstone. 

Both the Live 770NC and the Live 670NC are noise-cancelling 

JBL Live 770NC Lifestyle
credit: JBL

Aside from the design, the Live 770NC and the Live 660NC share many of the same features. This includes active noise cancellation

Both headphones take advantage of JBL’s True Adaptive Noise Cancelling that automatically adjusts the noise cancellation to block out distractions and improves audio quality based on your surroundings. 

JBL has also included a Smart Ambient feature that increases your awareness when you need to pay attention to the world around you.

Both headphones offer customisable sound 

Both the Live 770NC and the Live 670NC are designed to deliver JBL’s Signature Sound with 40mm dynamic drivers. Both headphones are also set to support LE Audio in a future update thanks to the addition of Bluetooth 5.3

Harman’s Personi-Fi 2.0 is also available across the new models, allowing users to listen via customised sound profiles. 

On top of this, there’s the JBL Headphones companion app, which includes support for personalisation and the option to tweak the EQ to your liking. 

There’s up to 65 hours of battery life with both pairs 

JBL Live 670NC Lifestyle
credit: JBL

Both headphones also benefit from long battery lives. That includes up to 50 hours of power with Bluetooth and ANC on or up to 65 hours with these features switched off. 

There’s also support for fast charging, with the ability to get four hours of listening from a quick five-minute charge. 

The JBL Live 670NC are slightly cheaper 

If you’re still on the fence between these two headphones, the price might help make up your mind. 

The JBL Live 670NC are priced at £119.99, while the JBL 770NC will set you back £159.99. That’s a £40 saving if you’re happy to opt for the on-ears over the over-ears.


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