Home Politics Jack Smith Has Multiple People Close To Trump Cooperating With The DOJ

Jack Smith Has Multiple People Close To Trump Cooperating With The DOJ

Jack Smith Has Multiple People Close To Trump Cooperating With The DOJ


Frank Figliuzzi pointed out that Special Counsel Jack Smith clearly has multiple people employees or others close to Trump cooperating with the DOJ.

Frank Figliuzzi said on MSNBC;

It’s clear to me that there are multiple cooperators here now, and it’s crystal clear. I count just by reading between the lines here, at least two or three just in the superseding indictments. Trump employees four and five, one or both of them is clearly cooperating. Why do I say that? Because as you read through the 60 pages, you actually understand the content of conversations, the phone conversations between two people. Texts between two people.

Often those two people are charged in the superseding indictment, they don’t appear to be cooperating. So someone else overheard a conversation. The head of IT there is likely cooperated because he is the guy they kept coming into saying, can you delete the server? Can you get rid of the server that has all the video surveillance and he saying I don’t think I have the administrative right to do that. You have to go above my head. It looks like he’s been talking and go to Bedminster, New Jersey, and Trump has been claiming all along, hey, that document you hear in the audio clip, there is no document. Well, somebody has told the special counsel, oh no, that was a document. That jumps out to me as an investigator, saying they have developed human sources. 


Jack Smith appears to have done something that none of the previous congressional and legal investigations have been able to do. He has flipped witnesses against Trump. The level of detail in the latest indictment suggests that Smith has people close to Trump giving him evidence. The only way the DOJ would know that Trump was showing people a Pentagon document about attacking Iran would be if someone in the room who saw the document identified it and told them.

Trump and Republicans can continue to treat the situation like a political problem by trying to defect and change the subject with Joe and Hunter Biden conspiracy theories, but Jack Smith is working in a different universe. This is a serious criminal case, and if the people around Trump are cooperating with the DOJ, the odds are strong that they have enough evidence for a conviction.


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