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IT Management Company InvGate Just Got a Huge Cash Injection

IT Management Company InvGate Just Got a Huge Cash Injection


InvGate, a provider of IT service management and IT asset management solutions, has secured $35 million in a growth round to fuel its international expansion. The company, which started up in 2009, has grown steadily over the past three years, expanding by an average of 60% annually. CEO and co-founder of InvGate Ariel Gesto says the company will continue to expand this year.

InvGate’s first institutional funding round was led by Riverwood Capital, and Endeavor Catalyst also participated. Gesto claimed he had known Endeavor Catalyst for quite some time before making the investment. SaaS provider InvGate collaborates with large and medium-sized businesses to modernize their IT processes through the use of automation, low-code, and artificial intelligence. The United States Army, NASA, KPMG, Toyota, Arcos Dorados, and Grupo Coppel are just a few of the 57 countries represented by the company’s clientele.

InvGate’s products are made to simplify IT management for businesses with 50-50,000 employees. Products offered by the business consist of a help desk for employees, security compliance tools, and budgeting software. With offices in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, the United States, and London, InvGate has built a clientele primarily in Latin America and the United States.

Gesto decided to scale InvGate after bootstrapping for the past 14 years. Gesto plans to invest the fresh funds in global expansion, such as the recruitment of new employees, the opening of new regional offices, and the introduction of new products and technologies.

InvGate’s successful funding round reflects the rising need for IT management solutions as businesses of all sizes seek to become more efficient. IT solutions that are both efficient and effective are essential for modern businesses, given the prevalence of remote work and the growing significance of technology in the workplace. Companies like InvGate, which specialize in IT management, are positioned to become leaders in this field by providing cutting-edge solutions to companies of all sizes.

Businesses can reap many rewards from adopting IT management solutions such as those provided by InvGate. Companies can improve their efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness with the aid of these solutions. Companies can reallocate resources back into core business activities and new product development by streamlining IT operations. Companies can better safeguard their data and systems from cybercriminals if they use IT management solutions that keep them abreast of emerging technologies and security protocols.

Companies like InvGate view international expansion as crucial to their long-term success. Companies can increase their revenue potential and access new customer bases by expanding into new markets. Cultural differences, language barriers, and regulatory hurdles are just a few examples of the difficulties that can arise from going global. Companies that hope to compete successfully in global markets must be ready to adapt their strategies to meet the unique demands of each market they enter.

IT management solutions that incorporate AI to automate mundane tasks and boost productivity are becoming increasingly common. By identifying and fixing problems before they escalate, AI-powered solutions help businesses maximize efficiency and minimize disruptions. In addition, AI can aid businesses in making better use of their data by yielding insights that can guide strategic planning and boost operational efficiency.

InvGate, like many other IT management firms, recognizes that expanding its customer base is essential to the company’s long-term success. Companies in the IT management industry need customer acquisition and retention strategies that work to set them apart from the competition. This calls for cutting-edge creations, first-rate support, and savvy advertising.

IT management firms are becoming more pivotal to businesses as they undergo digital transformation. When it comes to managing IT operations in the cloud, these businesses have solutions to help. Working with an IT management firm helps businesses keep their IT infrastructure current and tailored to their needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does InvGate provide?

A: InvGate offers IT service management and IT asset management solutions to businesses. Their products include a help desk for employees, security compliance tools, and budgeting software.

Q: Who led InvGate’s funding round?

A: InvGate’s funding round was led by Riverwood Capital, with participation from Endeavor Catalyst.

Q: Who are some of InvGate’s clients?

A: InvGate’s clientele includes organizations such as the United States Army, NASA, KPMG, Toyota, Arcos Dorados, and Grupo Coppel, with a presence in 57 countries.

Q: Where are InvGate’s offices located?

A: InvGate has offices in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, the United States, and London.

Q: How will InvGate use the funding?

A: The funding will be used for global expansion, including hiring new employees, opening new regional offices, and introducing new products and technologies.

Q: What are the benefits of IT management solutions?

A: IT management solutions can improve efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness within businesses. They can also help allocate resources effectively, enhance data security, and keep up with emerging technologies and security protocols.

Q: Why is international expansion important for companies like InvGate?

A: International expansion allows companies to increase revenue potential, access new customer bases, and stay competitive. However, it also presents challenges such as cultural differences, language barriers, and regulatory compliance.

Q: How can AI-powered solutions benefit IT management?

A: AI-powered solutions can automate tasks, identify and fix problems proactively, provide insights for strategic planning, and boost operational efficiency.

Q: How important is customer acquisition for IT management firms?

A: Customer acquisition is crucial for the long-term success of IT management firms. It requires innovative products, excellent customer support, and effective marketing strategies to differentiate from competitors.

Q: How do IT management firms help businesses during digital transformation?

A: IT management firms assist businesses in managing their IT operations in the cloud, keeping their infrastructure up to date, and tailored to their specific needs. They play a pivotal role in supporting digital transformation initiatives.

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