Home Top 10 iOS 18 could allow dishevelled home screens like Android – report

iOS 18 could allow dishevelled home screens like Android – report

iOS 18 could allow dishevelled home screens like Android – report


Apple’s forthcoming iOS 18 update will give users the opportunity to arrange their app icons in a less uniform manner.

A new report from MacRumors suggested users will be able to freely arrange the app icons on the home screen. While the report says the invisible grid system will remain “to ensure there is some uniformity”, where apps are placed within that grid will be up to iPhone users.

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As such, the people familiar with the matter, say there’ll be the opportunity to create blank spaces, rows and columns. The site’s sources says these changes will be part of the the biggest Home Screen revamp in recent years, with other customisation options also on deck for iOS 18.

Until now, apps have automatically conformed to the nearest available space on the home screen. However, things have been loosening up a little in recent years. Users have found a little more freedom in recent versions thanks to the introduction of home screen widgets. Apple also gave users much more control over the lock screen in iOS 16 with the introduction of custom designs.

iOS 18 is set to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers’ Conference which usually takes place in June. Recent reports from the likes of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman have also suggested there’ll be a major revamp this time around.

On Sunday, as part of his weekly Power On Newsletter, Gurman reiterated that “this is considered internally to be the biggest update to iOS since the original iPhone.” He believes AI updates “that help you manage your daily life” rather than a host of ChatGPT-like features, will be the main event.


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