AEG KMK968000M

Best combi oven and microwave


  • Excellent oven
  • Flat-bed microwave
  • Clever interface
  • Lots of cooking programmes


  • Grill isn’t that even
  • Hard to get smart features working

If you’re going built-in, a smaller combi oven and microwave makes a lot of sense, and the AEG KMK968000M is the best that we’ve tested. Thanks to its flat base with no rotating plate, this combi oven lets you use all 43-litres no matter what you’re doing. This is a decent amount of cooking space, whether you’re cooking for a smaller number of people in the week, or need extra space for a side when catering for the masses.

AEG provides a wire shelf, a baking tray and a deep baking tray in the box, for regular oven use; for the microwave, there’s a glass dish that sits at the bottom, and you place dishes on top of it.

Using a similar interface to AEG’s ovens, this model is controlled via a dial and LCD screen that give text descriptions of the cooking modes. It’s nice to see some special modes, including dough proving, keep warm, plate baking and bread baking.

Hitting a maximum of 230°C, the AEG KMK968000M is good for most dishes, bar a few that need higher heat (baguettes, for example, are normally cooked at 250°C).

There’s a smart app, which gives remote control and monitoring, although we didn’t use it often as the main interface is so good.

Cooking results were excellent: even microwave heating, crispy and fluffy jacket potatoes from the combination programme, and even conventional oven heating. The grill didn’t quite reach the front of the oven, but is otherwise even for slightly smaller dishes.

Giving all the benefits of a main oven, with all of the features of a microwave, the AEG KMK968000M is a great combo.

Full review: AEG KMK968000M review
Reviewer: David Ludlow

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