Home Top 10 If you don’t have Elden Ring yet, this mega deal is for you

If you don’t have Elden Ring yet, this mega deal is for you

If you don’t have Elden Ring yet, this mega deal is for you


One of the finest games of this generation, Elden Ring, is currently selling for a knock-down price in this phenomenal deal.

Attention might have turned to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and the forthcoming sci-fi epic Starfield, but this time last year there was only one open world masterpiece on everyone’s lips: Elden Ring.

If you somehow managed to miss From Software’s phenomenal open world Soulslike at the time, now’s the perfect opportunity to make amends. Online retailer Hit is currently running a deal that offers the PS5 version of Elden Ring for just £33.85. That’s a massive saving of £26.14 on the £59.99 RRP.

Save £26.14 on Elden Ring for PS5

Hit is selling the PS5 version of last year’s best game, Elden Ring, for just £33.85, which is a massive saving of £26.14.

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  • Save £26.14
  • Now £33.85

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Xbox Series X/S owners can also get Elden Ring at a reduced price from the retailer, but at £43.29 the saving is a lot less substantial.

We awarded Elden Ring 4.5 stars out of 5 in our review at the time. “Elden Ring is a fantastic RPG for any hardcore gamer looking for a new world to explore,” we concluded. “Combat is weighty and takes place in a wonderfully intriguing world full of dungeons to explore and monsters to battle.”

It’s certainly very difficult, with the whole dark fantasy world filled with deadly baddies who can finish you with a single swipe of their sword/tail/claws. But the move to an open world means that you can always set off in a different direction if things get too hectic.

We’ve already mentioned the latest Zelda game above, and anyone who finished Nintendo’s epic and feels like taking things to the next level (both in terms of difficulty and visual fidelity) will be hard pressed to find a more fiendishly perfect next step. Especially at this price.


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