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How to Wear a Cowboy Hat: A Guide


Explore how to wear a cowboy hat. Photo: Deposit Photos

One hat style that has gained popularity in fashion recently is the cowboy hat. And if you want to find out how to wear a cowboy hat, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of western style or simply seeking to infuse your wardrobe with some personality, mastering the art of wearing a cowboy hat can propel your fashion aesthetic to new heights.

How to Wear a Cowboy Hat

Not only does it channel an air of rugged charm, but it also evokes the rich tapestry of history and tradition woven into the fabric of the American West. Read on, and let’s find out more about how to wear a cowboy hat for women.

Cowboy Hats: A Brief Overview

How to Wear a Cowboy Hat Styles
Cowboy hats come in many styles and materials. Photo: iStock

When it comes to making cowboy hats, a diverse array of materials comes into play. Straw hats offer a lightweight and breathable option, ideal for sweltering summer weather. Conversely, felt hats provide warmth and resilience, making them a dependable choice for colder climates and winter seasons.

One of the standout features of these types of hats lies in the extensive range of styles they offer. From the classic cowboy hat featuring a creased crown and a gently upturned brim to an assortment of brim shapes and crown heights, there’s a style to align with every individual’s taste and prevailing fashion aesthetics.

Whether your preference leans towards a broad brim, offering optimal sun protection, or a more abbreviated brim for a contemporary aesthetic, the world of cowboy hats accommodates a wealth of options. Moreover, the crown height, signifying the elevation of the creased area, spans from low to high, allowing for further personalization and sartorial distinction.

Understanding Hat Sizing & Fit

When it comes to the art of wearing a cowboy hat, finding the perfect fit is essential for both comfort and style. Here are some key tips to help you understand hat sizing and achieve an ideal fit:

Measuring Head Size

Measuring Tape How to Wear a Cowboy Hat
Get your measurements before buying your hat. Photo: FP

Measuring your head size correctly is the first step in finding the right cowboy hat. To measure your head size, follow these simple steps:

  1. Use a soft tape measure or a piece of string to wrap around your head, just above your eyebrows.
  2. Make sure the tape measure or string is level and snug without being too tight or too loose.
  3. Take note of the measurement in inches or centimeters

This measurement is your head size, which you can use as a guide when selecting a cowboy hat.

Selecting the Right Size

Selecting Right Size How Wear Cowboy Hat
The sizing of your cowboy hat makes all the difference. Photo: Deposit Photos

Now that you know your head size, you can choose a cowboy hat that fits you perfectly. Here are some tips to help you select the right size:

  • Refer to the hat manufacturer’s size chart to find the corresponding size for your head measurement.
  • Be cautious of hats that are too tight or too loose. A well-fitting cowboy hat should sit comfortably on your head without causing discomfort or the risk of slipping down.
  • If your head measurement puts you between sizes, opt for the larger size. You can then use hat inserts or hatbands to achieve a more customized fit that’s tailored to your comfort.

Armed with these tips, you’re ready to select a cowboy hat that perfectly aligns with your head size and style aspirations. A well-chosen, well-fitting cowboy hat can elevate your fashion game and add an authentic touch to your overall look.

Considering Personal Style & Preferences

Brown Style How Wear Cowboy Hat
Your personal style is important for finding the ideal hat. Photo: FP

While finding the right size is crucial, it’s equally important to consider your personal style and preferences when selecting a cowboy hat. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Choose a hat style that flatters your unique facial structure. For those sporting a round face, a hat with a taller crown and wider brim can elongate and balance your features.
  • Always consider the setting and the level of formality you’re targeting. Cowboy hats come in a range of styles, suitable for both casual occasions and special, formal occasions.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials, colors, and embellishments to add a touch of personal flair to your cowboy hat.

Your cowboy hat should not only fit well but also reflect your unique style and make you feel confident.

Proper Hat Placement

Woman Placement How Wear Cowboy Hat
Learn how to perfect your hat placement like a pro. Photo: FP

Once you’ve selected the ideal cowboy hat, knowing the proper hat placement is important. Follow these guidelines to wear the accessory with style:

1. Angle

Aim to tilt your cowboy hat slightly forward on your head. This angle adds to the authenticity and charm of the look. The goal is a gentle tilt that both feels comfortable and complements your facial features.

For those with long hair, consider leaving it loose or in a low hairstyle so the tilt of the hat naturally complements your locks.

2. Distance

In terms of the distance between the hat and your forehead, a couple of factors come into play. First, ensure that the hat is neither too loose nor too tight for comfort.

Second, aim for a gap of about one to two finger widths between the brim of your hat and your eyebrows. This particular placement contributes to a visually balanced and naturally appealing look.

3. Finding the Sweet Spot

Finding the sweet spot for balance is crucial to ensure that your cowboy hat stays in place. Start by centering the hat on your head, making sure it sits securely.

Then, adjust the tilt angle slightly until you find a position that feels comfortable and allows the hat to stay in position without slipping or sliding. Take your time to find the perfect balance that suits your style and comfort preferences.

Stylish Hat Accessories

Hat Accessories How Wear Cowboy Hat
Choosing the right accessory for your hat can upgrade your look. Photo: Deposit Photos

Just like any other fashion accessory, cowboy hats can be further enhanced with the addition of stylish accessories. By incorporating hat bands, feathers, pins, or stampede strings, you can elevate the appearance of your cowboy hat to new heights.

Hat Bands: One of the most popular accessories for cowboy hats is a hat band. These bands are usually made of leather, beads, or woven materials and can add a touch of color and texture to your hat. Choose a hat band that complements your hat and personal style.

Feathers: Adding feathers to your cowboy hat can give it a unique and eye-catching flair. Whether you opt for a single feather or multiple feathers, make sure they are securely attached to your hat to prevent them from falling off while you’re out and about.

Pins: Cowboy hat pins can be both decorative and functional. You can find pins in various designs, such as rodeo-themed or Western-inspired motifs like horses or cattle. Not only do they add a personal touch to your hat, but they can also help keep the hat in place on windy days.

Stampede Strings: If you’re planning to wear your cowboy hat during outdoor activities or on a windy day, consider attaching a stampede string. This handy accessory will keep your hat secure and prevent it from flying off your head. You can easily tie the stampede string under your chin to ensure a snug fit.

Consider the overall look you’re going for to incorporate these accessories stylishly. For a more casual or Western-inspired outfit, opt for a hat band with a Western design or choose feathers in earthy tones. If you’re aiming for a more formal look, a simple and elegant hat band made of leather or beads can elevate your hat’s appearance.

Occasions & Etiquette

Jeans Look How Wear Cowboy Hat
Dressing up for the rodeo? Your cowboy hat etiquette guide awaits. Photo: Deposit Photos

Knowing when and where it is appropriate to wear a cowboy hat can set you apart as a true aficionado. Here are some guidelines for wearing this iconic accessory:

  • Rodeos: Embrace the cowboy spirit at rodeos, where cowboy hats are not only accepted but encouraged. They add an authentic touch to your outfit as you cheer on the bull riders and roping competitions.
  • Casual Outings: For casual outings, such as a day at the ranch or a country music concert, a cowboy hat can be the perfect accessory. Pair it with a plaid shirt and jeans for a classic western look.
  • Special Events: Stand out at special events like weddings or parties with a cowboy hat. Make sure to choose a style that suits the occasion and complements your outfit.

When it comes to hat etiquette, keep these tips in mind:

  • Removing the Hat: When indoors at a formal event, it’s customary to remove your cowboy hat as a sign of respect. However, when dining, it’s acceptable to keep it on unless asked to remove it.
  • Tipping the Hat: Tipping your hat can be polite in certain situations, such as greeting someone or showing gratitude. To tip your hat, slightly lift the brim with your fingers.
  • Respecting Others’ Hats: It’s important to respect other people’s hats by not touching or grabbing them without permission. Treat their hat with the same care and respect you would want for your own.

Hat Care & Maintenance

Hat Care How Wear Cowboy Hat
Preserve the life of your cowboy hat with these essential care tips. Photo: FP

Proper care and maintenance are essential for preserving the quality and prolonging the lifespan of your cowboy hat. Follow these tips to keep your hat looking its best:

Cleaning and Storing

  • Brush it off: Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt, dust, and debris from your hat. Start from the crown and gently brush the brim in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Spot cleaning: For minor stains or spills, use a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap to clean the affected area gently. Be sure to blot, not rub, to avoid damaging the hat’s material.
  • Sweat stains: To deal with sweat stains, make a paste using equal parts of baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the stained area, let it sit for a few hours, then gently brush it off with a soft brush.
  • Air dry: After cleaning, allow your hat to air dry naturally. Avoid exposing it to direct heat sources, such as hair dryers or heaters, as this can warp or shrink the hat.
  • Storage: When not in use, store your hat in a cool, dry place, such as a hat box or a clean shelf. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of it, which can cause the hat to lose shape.

Reviving the Hat’s Shape

  • Steam it: If your hat has lost its shape, you can use steam to reshape it. Hold the hat over steam for a few seconds, then gently reshape the crown and brim with your hands. Avoid getting the hat too close to the steam source to prevent damaging it.
  • Hat shapers: Consider using hat shapers or hat stands to maintain the shape of your cowboy hat when not in use. These tools help preserve the hat’s structure and prevent it from getting crushed.

Proper care and maintenance are vital for ensuring that your cowboy hat remains in excellent condition. By following these tips, you can enjoy your hat for years to come.

Outfit Coordination

Dress How Wear Cowboy Hat
The ultimate guide to pairing your cowboy hat with any ensemble. Photo: Deposit Photos

When it comes to wearing a cowboy hat, outfit coordination is key to achieving that perfect Western look. Follow these fashion advice tips to ensure your outfit complements your hat:

Clothing Styles

Pair your cowboy hat with clothing styles that have a Western or bohemian flair. Opt for classic pieces like denim jackets, flannel shirts, and button-down denim shirts. Flowy maxi skirts, cutoff shorts, and skinny jeans also work well with a cowboy hat.

Colors & Patterns

Stick to earthy and neutral colors for a cohesive look. Shades like brown, cream, tan, and black easily complement a cowboy hat. To add a pop of color, consider incorporating some bold patterns, such as southwestern prints or paisley designs.

Complementary Outfits

Here are a few examples of how to style your outfit with a cowboy hat:

  • Country Chic: Pair a floral sundress with a straw cowboy hat and some cowgirl boots for a feminine and playful Western look.
  • Casual Cool: Pair a graphic t-shirt, distressed jeans, and a leather cowboy hat for a laid-back yet stylish outfit.
  • Urban Western: Wear a chambray shirt, black skinny jeans, and a felt cowboy hat for a modern take on the cowboy look.

Remember, the key to outfit coordination is to have fun and be creative. Experiment with different styles, colors, and patterns to find your perfect cowboy hat outfit combination.

Final Words

Ways How Wear Cowboy Hat
From casual to chic, there are many ways to wear a cowboy hat. Photo: Deposit Photos

Finding out how to wear a cowboy hat is not just about fashion; it’s a journey into a rich tapestry of history and personal style. From selecting the right size and style to perfecting the hat’s placement, we’ve uncovered the secrets to making this iconic accessory a true reflection of your unique character.

With the right fit, style, and accessories, your cowboy hat becomes more than just an accessory; it becomes an extension of your personality. So, as you tip your hat to greet the world, remember that it’s not just about what you wear on your head; it’s about the confidence and authenticity you carry with it. Embrace the cowboy spirit and let your hat tell your story.

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