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How to turn on AI in Google Docs

How to turn on AI in Google Docs


There’s a whole lot of chat about AI in the tech industry right now, but not everyone has taken the opportunity to try it out. Google offers a way for AI to help you in Google Docs, but it is only available to a limited club. Here’s how to get it and give it a go.

From ChatGPT to Google’s Bard, artificial intelligence and, in particular, chatbots are all the rage right now – move over metaverse. Some may see the idea of trying these tools as quite intimidating or, due to the litany of documented errors, tools that aren’t quite ready for you to use. However, they are worth taking notice of.

Google has got things moving by integrating AI into one of its most popular tools, Google Docs, helping you to kick-start your copy. A writer’s block defeater, if you will. But, you can also offer it prompts to help you whip up a recipe or plan a day out. Here’s how to give it a go.

What you’ll need:

  • A desktop, laptop or mobile device

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