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How to transfer your number to Mint Mobile

How to transfer your number to Mint Mobile


Mint Mobile is one of the most popular prepaid carriers out there, largely because of its aggressive marketing and its association with Ryan Reynolds. If you’re thinking about switching to Mint Mobile, you’ll want to know how to transfer your number to Mint Mobile. Thankfully the whole process is pretty easy.


There are a few steps involved in a Mint Mobile number transfer. First, you’ll want to order your Mint Mobile SIM card or download the app if you plan to use a Mint Mobile eSIM. The SIM card (or app) will have specific instructions for transferring the number and activating the service. It will also require you to have basic account info on your existing carrier in order to confirm your identity.

How to transfer your number to Mint Mobile

Looking for more detailed instructions on Mint Mobile number transfers? Let’s jump right in:

  1. First, you’ll want to order a SIM card from Mint. If you have an eSIM slot, you can also download the Mint Mobile app and skip the wait for a SIM card.
  2. Gather information about your existing carrier. In order to initiate a number transfer Mint will need to confirm you have access to the line. You’ll want to have your current provider’s name, account number, and PIN at the ready. Most of this can be found either in the carrier’s website/app or in any bills you receive. For some prepaid carriers, you’ll have to call to get this information.
  3. Activate service through web or the app. Once the SIM card has arrived you’ll need to go to their activation page and type in your 11-digit ACT code. For those with an e-SIM, you’ll skip this and go directly to the app to set up service.
  4. When prompted, select Port my Number. During the initial activation of your SIM or e-SIM you’ll be asked if you want a new number or if you want to port an existing number. It will then ask you to enter the associated account number, PIN/password, zip code, and the billing address you provided your previous carrier.
  5. That’s it! You’ll then be prompted to create a Mint Mobile account for easier management of your plan. Just be aware the actual time required for the port to finish may vary. In some cases, it can happen nearly instantaneously, but it can also be a delayed process of a few days in some situations.


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