The Twitter alternative Bluesky has dropped the requirement for an invite, meaning anyone can sign up. Here’s how to do it.

The social network, which is part of the Fediverse network of decentralised servers, is backed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and has become a home for discontented ‘X’ users who’ve fled under Elon Musk’s leadership.

For the last year, the company has been managing invites via sign-up codes, while it builds out the feature set. However, on February 6 the company announced the time for caution is over.

“Bluesky is building an open social network where anyone can contribute, while still providing an easy-to-use experience for users,” the company says. “For the past year, we used invite codes to help us manage growth while we built features like moderation tooling, custom feeds, and more. Now, we’re ready for anyone to join.”

Here’s how to sign up on the Bluesky website.

What you need

  • A web browser with access to the Bluesky website
  • An email address to sign up
  • A phone number for SMS verification

The Short Version

  • Open the web browser and browse to
  • Tap the log in or sign up button
  • Hit create a new account
  • Enter an email address, password, date of birth
  • Enter a phone number
  • Verify the phone number with an SMS code
  • Choose your handle
  • Confirm your preferences
  • Begin using Bluesky
  1. Step

    Open the web browser and browse to

    Simple type the URL into your web browser to browse to the homepage.Bluesky

  2. Step

    Tap the log in or sign up button

    You no longer need to sign up for the wait list. You can now choose to sign-up.How to use Bluesky

  3. Step

    Create a new account

    Creating an account is a relatively simple process and you start hereHow to use Bluesky

  4. Step

    Enter your information

    An email address, password and date of birth gets you past this screenHow to use Bluesky

  5. Step

    Enter a phone number

    This will help to secure your accountHow to use Bluesky

  6. Step

    Verify your phone number

    You will be sent an SMS code to your phone number. Enter the six digit code hereBluesky

  7. Step

    Choose your handle

    Type in your preferred @ handle to go by on BlueskyHow to use Bluesky

  8. Step

    Confirm your preferences

    You’ll be asked to select some interests, choose some accounts to follow, select some content preferences and more. How to use Bluesky

  9. Step

    Begin using Bluesky

    Now you’re all set up you can begin using the service, download the mobile apps and wean yourself off Twitter.How to use Bluesky

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