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How to set up profiles in Safari on macOS

How to set up profiles in Safari on macOS


Apple has streamlined browsing and storing bookmarks in Safari on macOS with the introduction of Profiles. Profiles allows users to organise and store their tabs under dedicated profiles, allowing for a less cluttered and more organised browsing experience.

You can keep your work tabs separate from your personal tabs or even just have a separate Profile for planning a big trip. Each profile has its own separate tabs, history, cookies, data and favourites.

Keep reading to learn how to set up your own profile in Safari on macOS.

What you’ll need:

  • A Mac running on macOS Sonoma 
  • Safari running on version 17 and above

The short version:

  • Open Safari
  • Select Safari in the top panel
  • On the Safari menu, select Create Profile…
  • Select Start Using Profiles
  • Fill in the profile information
  • Choose Create Profile
  1. Step

    Open the Safari browser

    Make sure Safari is running on version 17. To check this, visit About Safari on the Safari menu. If it’s not running on version 17 then you’ll need to upgrade your Mac’s software.Safari icon

  2. Step

    Select Safari in the top panel

    Doing this will display the Safari menu, which includes all its Settings.Safari in Apple menu highlighted

  3. Step

    Selecting Create Profile… will bring up the Profiles section pop-up.Safari menu open on Mac with Create Profile highlighted

  4. Step

    Select Start Using Profiles

    If you have never set up a profile before then you’ll see this screen. If you have already set up Profiles then they’ll be listed here for you to amend accordingly.Profiles page on Mac Safari with Start Using Profiles open

  5. Step

    Fill in the profile information

    Personalise all the information including the name of your profile, icon, colour and whether you want to create a new favourites folder or use an existing one.Filling in Profile information on Safari

  6. Step

    Choose Create Profile

    Once filled in, select Create Profile which will take you straight to your Safari start page.Creat new Profile on Safari


How do you swap between profiles on Safari?

As shown here, select the Profile name at the top left of Safari. Then tap Switch to (name) Window.Switching Profiles on Safari menu

Can I access Profiles on my other Apple devices?

Yes, your profiles should sync automatically between all your devices that are signed in with the same Apple ID, have Safari turned on in the iCloud and are using Safari 17 or later.


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