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How To Lean Into This Weekend’s Cozy New Moon In Cancer



This month’s new moon in Cancer arrives on July 17 at 2:32 pm EST, and according to astrology expert Imani Quinn, we’ll all be feeling the Cancerian energy.

As a water sign, she explains, Cancer is sensitive, intuitive, and deeply loyal to their loved ones. And Cancer season itself, she adds, also marks the halfway point of the calendar year and the fertile energy of midsummer.

“So this is a great time to tap into two different aspects of cancer energy: One—because they’re very loyal to their family, friends, and their community—you can be really intentional about who you’re spending time with and making sure you’re cultivating trust and love within the relationships that matter to you,” Quinn says.

And two, she adds, this Cancer new moon can also serve as a chance to refresh your home (including the inner home you feel within yourself). “Cancers are very homey, so this new moon is giving us time to face ourselves, to look and address the parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable that need to be seen—and they can be seen in the safety of our home,” she explains.

Not to mention, each new moon begins the start of a 6-month lunar cycle, and in this case, we’re looking at the six months between now and the full moon in Cancer on December 26. Quinn notes that this new moon can help us dig deeper into the emotional side of what we want to manifest over the next 6 months, helping to process your emotions to understand the root of how you’re actually feelings.

And of course, you could literally refresh your home under this moon, too. As the AstroTwins recently wrote for mindbodygreen, you might feel inspired to remodel or redecorate, or even move house altogether. “La luna’s opposition to shadowy Pluto and a harmonious trine to spiritual Neptune sets the stage for feng shui, a deep decluttering, or a house-blessing ritual,” they say.

Speaking of rituals, here’s how Quinn and the twins recommend spending your new moon weekend.


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