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How to install iOS 17 right now

How to install iOS 17 right now


After months of developer and public beta releases, iOS 17 is finally available to download on iPhones around the world. 

The iOS 17 update is a doozy with a plethora of new features like Contact Posters, a way to customise your calling screen when calling other iPhone users, alongside a redesigned Phone app, improvements to FaceTime and even a new way to share contact information and other data simply by bumping two iPhones together.

It’s an exciting update that’s available on every iPhone going back to the iPhone XriPhone X and iPhone 8 owners are sadly out of luck this time around. Maybe it’s time to invest in a new iPhone?

For everyone else, though, here’s how to install iOS 17 on your iPhone right now. 

What you’ll need: 

  • A supported iPhone
  • An internet connection

The Short Version 

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Software Update.
  4. Tap Download and Install.
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Confirm installation.
  1. Step

    Open the Settings app

    The first step in your update journey is to open the Settings app – that’s the app icon with a mechanical cog wheel if you’re unfamiliar. iOS Settings app

  2. Step

    Tap General

    From the main Settings menu, scroll down until you find the General section. Tap it to continue.iOS Settings app

  3. Step

    Tap Software Update

    At the top of the General settings menu, you should see a section called Software Update. Tap that. Software Update menu

  4. Step

    Tap Download and Install

    As long as you’ve got an active internet connection, you should be prompted to install the iOS 17 update in this menu. It’ll give you a brief overview of the update with a download and install button underneath – tap it to initiate the download. 

    Updates usually only take a few minutes to download and a little longer to process, but during big updates like iOS 17, Apple’s servers take a bit of a hammering, and the download process can take longer than usual. 
    iOS 17 download

  5. Step

    Accept Terms and Conditions

    Once you initiate the download, you’ll have to agree to Apple’s Terms and Conditions. Tap Accept, and then tap Accept again on the pop-up window. iOS terms and conditions

  6. Step

    Confirm Installation

    Once the download is complete and the file has been processed, you’ll see an on-screen prompt letting you know that the update is about to be installed. Tap OK or simply leave your iPhone alone to let the update install. 

    During the process, your iPhone might turn off and on a few times, but don’t worry; this is completely normal. Once it reboots, you’re ready to take advantage of all the new features available in iOS 17.

    iOS 17 download


Why is the iOS 17 download taking so long?

Apple’s iOS downloads are usually pretty speedy, but during big releases like that of iOS 17, Apple’s servers can slow down a bit.

Why can’t I see the iOS 17 update?

If you can’t see the update in the Settings app, double-check that you’re connected to an active internet connection. If it still doesn’t work, rebooting your iPhone should do the trick.


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