Skunks secrete a potent and pungent liquid as a defense mechanism against predators. The liquid is composed of a mixture of chemicals, including sulfur-containing compounds, which give it its distinctive odor.

When a skunk sprays a perceived threat, it releases the liquid from two small glands located near the base of its tail. The spray can reach up to 10 feet away, and the odor can linger for days or even weeks if left untreated.

Dogs are naturally curious animals, and they might mistake a skunk for a potential playmate or threat. If a skunk feels cornered or suprised, it may spray your pet out of self-defense.

Skunk spray can be harmful to dogs if it gets into their eyes, nose, or mouth. It can cause irritation, inflammation, and even temporary blindness. Therefore, it’s important to take immediate action if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk.

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