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How to find Vincent in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

How to find Vincent in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


The Final Fantasy series is bursting with larger-than-life characters that defined generations of fans and the game’s story.

One of the fan-favorites of the series is Vincent Valentine, who could be missed in the earlier incarnation of Final Fantasy 7. In this most recent take on the Square Enix series, he features later in the main storyline.

According to the official Final Fantasy Rebirth site, Vincent is a “self-proclaimed security guard who hibernates in a coffin deep below Shinra Manor. This man of mystery is swathed in a red cape and boasts the genes of a monster as well as a hidden connection to Sephiroth.”

How to find Vincent in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Vincent is in Chapter 11: The Long Shadow of Shinra and meets the party in the depths Shinra Manor. In the original game, Vincent can be seen hibernating in his coffin. Players had to solve a puzzle to have this companion join them in their travels.

This time around the meeting with the dungeon-dwelling man of few words is part of the main storyline. Players must go through Sinra Manors depths to find him and work hard to add him to the group.

The party will take on Vincent in a boss battle when he is in his Galian beast form. After he has been bested Cid offers the sullen red-eyed character a chance to join them. Vincent will refuse and sulk back to his shadowy lair until later in the Chapter.

Once Chapter 11 progresses after a series of tricky battles, Vincent will appear yet again. When players go back to characters Cid and the Tiny Bronco, Vincent will then agree to join the party as a story character.

The fact that Vincent isn’t a playable character has disappointed some fans picking up the game. The third installment of the Final Fantasy VII remake will give players the chance to enter into his gold-clad boots.

Who voices Vincent Valentine in Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth?

Vincent is voiced by Matt Mercer in this incarnation of the Final Fantasy universe. Mercer is part of the Critical Role series of Dungeons and Dragons adventures. Mercer voiced Minsk in Game of the Year Award-winning Baldur’s Gate 3 and is a pillar of the pop culture surrounding anything with a twelve-sided dice.#

Image: Square Enix.


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