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How to enable subtitles on Amazon Freevee

How to enable subtitles on Amazon Freevee


If you want to indulge in Amazon Freevee but prefer to watch along with subtitles, here are the steps you need to follow.

Amazon Freevee is a completely free-to-use streaming service from Amazon. The platform was introduced in 2022 to replace the company’s former streaming service, IMDb TV. 

If you want to learn more about how to sign up for Amazon Freevee, then make sure you check out our dedicated explainer.

Once you’ve signed up, make sure you return to this article to find out the easiest way to turn on subtitles, so you can watch along to your favourite TV show without fear of missing out on the dialogue. 

What you’ll need: 

The Short Version 

  • Open Amazon Freevee
  • Login to your account
  • Select the movie/TV show you want to watch
  • Select Watch Now
  • Select the hamburger menu
  • Go to subtitles
  • Select the relevant subtitles
  1. Step

    Open Amazon Freevee

    Go to the Amazon Freevee platform. You can download it as an app or access it via a web browser. Freevee app

  2. Step

    Login to your account

    Login to your account. If you already have an Amazon Prime account you can link them together, but you can also create an account if you don’t have access to Amazon Prime. Sign in to Freevee

  3. Step

    Select the movie/TV show you want to watch

    Select the TV show or movie that you want to watch from the selection provided. Find a movie to watch

  4. Step

    Select Watch Now

    Select the Watch Now button to start watching your chosen piece of media. Click Watch Now

  5. Step

    In the top right-hand corner of the screen, select the hamburger menu. It looks like three small white lines stacked on top of each other. Click on the menu

  6. Step

    Go to subtitles

    From the drop-down menu, select the heading called subtitles. Turn on subtiles

  7. Step

    Select the relevant subtitles

    Select the subtitles that will work best for you.Select subtitles


Do all TV shows and movies on Freevee have subtitles?

Not every video will have subtitles on Freevee, and not every language will be supported on each video. You can check if a video has subtitles and which language they support by following the steps above. 


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