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How It Affects Zodiac Signs

How It Affects Zodiac Signs


Welcome to eclipse season, that time of year when fate and destiny are on full display. A full moon in Libra, also the first lunar eclipse of the year, takes place on March 25, 2024, at 3:00 a.m. EDT, and it’s bound to dredge up whatever you’ve been ignoring. A lunar eclipse typically marks a turning point, ending, culmination, or transition. And in the sign of Libra, this lunar eclipse puts extra attention on your close one-on-one relationships, elevating themes of balance and harmony.

Libra is the Venus-ruled sign that values connections with others and doesn’t like to rock the boat—which can sometimes lead to people-pleasing and deprioritizing their own needs. This full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, then, will shine a light on any unhealthy relationship dynamics (like codependency or conflict avoidance) that have overstayed their welcome. It may be time to set firm boundaries or just to put yourself first. In any case, the foundation of close relationships may undergo reconstruction.

This full moon lunar eclipse in Libra will shine a light on any unhealthy relationship dynamics that have overstayed their welcome.

As the sign of the scales, Libra is also associated with the law and what is just and fair. During this full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, you may become more aware of the injustices that are unfolding in your personal life or within the collective and consider how you might play a role in rebalancing the scales. This is a powerful time to reconsider your values and be honest with who you are centering in your values. What you stand for under this eclipse can spark meaningful change for yourself and others.

When is the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra?

The full moon lunar eclipse in Libra takes place on March 25, 2024, at 3:00 a.m. EDT, but we’ll be able to feel the Libra energy in the air in the hours beforehand and afterward, too.

Note that this particular lunar eclipse is a penumbral lunar eclipse, meaning the moon only passes into the lightest part of Earth’s shadow—the penumbra—and will just appear slightly darker in the sky as a result (rather than turning the signature blood-red hue of a total lunar eclipse).

What is a lunar eclipse, and what does it mean in astrology?

A lunar eclipse happens when the sun, the Earth, and the moon form a straight line, and the moon passes into the Earth’s shadow. That means the Earth is between the sun and the moon, as it is during any full moon, but because the moon is located on the same horizontal plane as the Earth, it is essentially shaded from the sun by the Earth.

If the moon is directly in the center of the Earth’s shadow (aka a total lunar eclipse), it’ll appear a blood-red hue, as the only light reflected on the moon is passing through Earth’s atmosphere, which scatters shorter wavelengths, leaving behind only the long red ones. But if it’s in the outer parts of the Earth’s shadow, it’ll just appear partly shadowed (as in a partial lunar eclipse) or a slightly darker shade (as in a penumbral lunar eclipse).

Much like a typical full moon, a full moon that is also a lunar eclipse will usher in a period of transitions, endings, and moments of culmination or release. But during a lunar eclipse, such changes tend to feel more dramatic—like fated, cosmic course corrections. That’s because lunar eclipses occur when the moon’s path crosses the Earth’s orbit at the invisible points in the sky known as the lunar nodes, which are associated with destiny in astrology.

Specifically, lunar eclipses are thought to speed up our timelines: During an eclipse, we can no longer avoid the things we’ve been putting off. People that enter or exit our life and situations that unfold during eclipse season can often feel karmic, too. (The realm of life where you’re bound to experience these changes during any given lunar eclipse depends on the zodiac sign where the moon is located as the eclipse occurs.)

Due to this unpredictable energy, eclipses are typically ill-advised for manifestation work. Surrendering is a more productive way to align with the energy of a solar or lunar eclipse than attempting to push your fate in a certain direction.

That said, everyone has their own relationship with the moon, and if you feel called to set intentions under an eclipse, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Listen to your intuition, and trust that an eclipse is a portal to a new path that is meant for you.

What can you expect from the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra in March 2024?

This year’s full moon lunar eclipse in Libra has a soft spot. Though any eclipse will stir up erratic energy and change, this one occurs alongside a few promising planetary connections.

Hours before the lunar eclipse perfects, Venus—the planet of relationships and harmony—meets with Jupiter, a planet of support and expansion. When these two planets come together, it brings more ease, receptivity, and compassion into all of our interactions. This may create the atmosphere for some positive relationship developments or the arrival of celebratory news. And shortly after, Venus begins to inch closer to innovative Uranus in Taurus, forming a supportive sextile that encourages open-mindedness and problem-solving.

Harmonious alignments aside, there will still be tension in the sky. Energetic Mars and taskmaster Saturn, the two most notoriously challenging planets, are both in Pisces and moving toward each other. This can stir up feelings of disappointment, rejection, or frustration. The key is not to force anything. Luckily, you can still utilize this planetary combo for tasks or conversations that require your dedicated focus and for making slow, steady, and sustained progress toward a goal.

Overall, there’s a bit of red-light-green-light energy going on with these conflicting planetary influences as the lunar eclipse arrives. So while you may be blossoming in one area of your life, you may be struggling in another; trust that all good things take time, and the journey to get there is what matters most in the end.

To get a clearer picture of how this karmic energy will affect you, read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs. Then, pick up a unique self-care practice to help you move through the March 2024 full moon lunar eclipse in Libra with greater balance.

What will the 2024 full moon lunar eclipse in Libra bring for every zodiac sign?


aries zodiac sign

Love, friendship, and family are top of mind for you, Aries. The lunar eclipse activates your seventh astrological house of partnership and one-on-one connections. If you’re single, you may feel ready to take a leap of faith and enter a new relationship, and if you’re coupled, you may be renegotiating the foundations of your union.

Fated changes in all your relationship dynamics may also be unfolding—maybe an ongoing family feud resolves, or you’re realizing a close friend doesn’t actually have your best interests at heart. Using your discernment over the next few weeks is key to recognize which connections feel fulfilling and which ones you may have outgrown.

Your full moon self-care practice: Plan a day date with someone special. Spend the day doing something you haven’t done before, like trying out a new hike or riding bikes on a new path. Spending some one-on-one time with a lover, BFF, or family member will remind you of the special bonds in your life that you may typically take for granted.


taurus moon zodiac sign

Your everyday life could undergo some serious change, Taurus. The lunar eclipse moves through your sixth house of routines, habits, responsibility, and health. You’re more aware of how your daily routine impacts your overall well-being, and under these moonbeams, you’re ready to kick bad habits in favor of healthier ones.

You may also be wrapping up a major commitment or project at work or with family, allowing you more time to focus on yourself again. This is an important day to honor your boundaries in your close relationships—and make sure you aren’t just jumping from one big commitment to the next.

Your full moon self-care practice: Pick one habit (or vice) you’re tired of leaning on, and find a more supportive alternative you can do instead. Try to make small adjustments over the next few weeks, embracing the change slowly, like trading out your morning triple espresso for some tea a few times a week until it feels natural.


gemini zodiac sign moon

Celebratory energy is in the air for you, Gemini! The lunar eclipse moves through your fifth house of pleasure, joy, romance, and creativity. This energy helps you connect to the present moment and sink deep into your gratitude for the life you’ve cultivated.

If you’re dating, you’re either ready to move in with a new boo, or to emotionally detach from someone who isn’t meeting your standards and needs. In any case, the sky is passionate and lively: You may be attending an exciting event, celebrating lucky news, or making great headway on a creative hobby or project.

Your full moon self-care practice: Write a letter to your inner teen. What would they be thrilled to know about your current life? Detail the milestones and choices you’ve made that would make them proud. When it comes to the next important choice on your path, keep your inner teen in the back of your mind. What would they want?


cancer zodiac sign moon

Your life as you know it is about to change, Cancer, as the lunar eclipse activates your fourth house of home, family, foundations, and the past. You might be moving, finding new roommates, or investing in your comfort in a big way—like by purchasing your dream couch or upgrading an appliance in your home.

An ongoing family situation could reach a climax. Maybe you finally squash long-held beef, or you’re ready to speak up about feelings you’ve been keeping to yourself. This is a powerful moment for breaking free from the past and putting an end to an unhealthy family pattern or cycle. You might also expand your family, land a dream job that leaves you feeling more supported, or take the next step with a lover.

Your full moon self-care practice: Do a major home decluttering session. Donate items you no longer use, and bring some old beloved items back into the fold. Reorganizing your physical space can allow more emotional room for change to unfold.


leo zodiac sign

Your voice is your most powerful asset right now, Leo. The lunar eclipse lands in your third house of communication, learning, and relationships with siblings and friends. This is a powerful time for you to speak your truth or advocate for your worth.

Changes may also be afoot in your relationships with siblings, BFFs, and extended family members. They could be undergoing major shifts in their lives, or perhaps your dynamic is shifting, either bringing you closer together or encouraging you to address what’s been left unsaid. Conversations you’ve been having with a loved one could reach a turning point, or important news that affects your relationship could be revealed.

Your full moon self-care practice: Try automatic writing. Grab a piece of paper and pen, and just start jotting down whatever comes to mind. Let your hand move quicker than your mind—you don’t want to let your analytical side take over. Trust that there are some kernels of wisdom in whatever pours out of you.


virgo zodiac sign moon

Your lifestyle is changing, Virgo, under the 2024 full moon lunar eclipse in Libra. It activates your second house of resources and income, which may correspond with the end of a long-term job or contract… or the beginning of a new role. Otherwise, you might start to reconsider what you do for a living or create a plan for entering a field that feels more authentic in the future.

This lunation could also shine a spotlight on your talents and gifts in a way that boosts your confidence or gains you some of the recognition you’ve been craving. You could also make a major purchase or pay down some debt, lifting a weight off your shoulders.

Your full moon self-care practice: Buy a plant. As you begin to care for it and water it, associate its growth with an intention. This is a beautiful way to honor your ongoing relationship with abundance and the evolution of your own skills and talents.


libra zodiac sign moon

It’s time to put yourself first, Libra. The lunar eclipse in your sign moves through your first house of self, new beginnings, and personal ambitions. You’re feeling less concerned with what others need and ready to focus on yourself. This is a karmic time to re-establish balance in any connections where you’ve downplayed your needs or desires.

If you’re single, you could enter a new partnership, and if you’re coupled, you might make a plan for the future… or alternatively, decide to walk away from a connection you’ve outgrown. This is a sensitive and personal time for you, but as you embrace your feelings, you’re creating space for new beginnings to blossom. Personal goals you set for yourself under last fall’s solar eclipse in your sign may also begin to manifest.

Your full moon self-care practice: Imagine you’ve accomplished one of your current goals, and put on the outfit that your future self would wear after reaching this milestone. Then, take a selfie, and compare that picture to one of yourself from a year ago. What are the differences? What emotions does the change evoke?


scorpio zodiac sign moon

You’re shining a light on your shadow side, Scorpio. The lunar eclipse in Libra lands in your 12th house of the subconscious mind, closure, solitude, and intuition. In turn, your spidey senses are heightened, granting you access to your inner world. You may become more aware of the patterns, people, and behaviors that are limiting your growth, as well as the role you play in perpetuating these cycles. This eclipse lends you the momentum to release any of the habits and situations you’ve outgrown.

Letting go in this way will come with growing pains. Tend to your nervous system, and leave space for grieving and processing your feelings as you move through this transitional phase.

Your full moon self-care practice: Adopt a mindfulness practice under these moonbeams. Whether it’s meditation, breathwork, affirmations, or mindful movement, it can help you learn how to surrender your conscious mind and embrace the unknown.


sagittarius zodiac sign moon

Changes within your community are underway, Sagittarius. The lunar eclipse activates your 11th house of friendships, support, and dreams for the future. Some of your friendships may have run their course, or perhaps existing dynamics are shifting. Though this might feel like a loss, trust that friendship changes are paving the way for you to connect with more aligned people who bring you a deeper sense of belonging.

It’s also possible you’ve met new friends or entered a new social circle recently, and this eclipse illuminates your new role or feelings about being a part of this group. This is also a lovely day for celebrating a milestone or making progress on a personal goal.

Your full moon self-care practice: If you are willing and able to, consider volunteering for an organization or cause that feels meaningful and aligned. Giving back and connecting with others who share your values or interests will feel healing.


capricorn zodiac sign moon

You’re ready to show the world a new side of yourself, Capricorn, with the lunar eclipse moving through your 10th house of recognition, career, and milestones. Perhaps you’ve decided to leave a job or ditch a career path that no longer feels aligned. You could also be receiving a promotion or stepping into an important role within your personal life—perhaps as a mentor, parent, volunteer, or lover.

There’s also an evolution of your important connections: Fated people might be entering or exiting your life around this time. You’re tasked with releasing the desire to constantly please others, and you’re ready to pave a new path forward.

Your full moon self-care practice: Trace the origins of your current goals. Were these desires birthed from your genuine interest, or are you chasing someone else’s dream for approval? Consider how you might reprioritize the next big milestone you go after based on what truly feels fulfilling for you—not someone else.


aquarius zodiac sign moon

It’s time to put yourself and your work out there, Aquarius. The lunar eclipse lands in your ninth house of publishing, perspective, learning, and travel. Your expertise and knowledge may be under the spotlight in some way—maybe you’re finishing up a course, stepping into a teaching role, or sharing your work with a larger audience. In any case, your words are influential under these moonbeams.

You could also be engaging in discussions that change some of your closest relationship dynamics. Perhaps you’re ready to plan the future with a lover, or maybe you’re negotiating a collaborative project that feels creatively fulfilling.

Your full moon self-care practice: Speak your desires into existence. Open the voice memo app on your phone, and record yourself speaking about your dream life in the present tense as if it was already happening. Make sure to touch on how it feels to operate in this space, as it will make your manifestation powers that much stronger.


pisces zodiac sign moon

Don’t be shy about your feelings, Pisces. The lunar eclipse lands in your eighth house of vulnerability, shared resources, and reciprocity. You’re renegotiating your relationship with some of the fear, shame, grief, or guilt that lingers within your psyche. And let’s be real—that’s no easy task! Take the time to address the parts of your past or shadow side that you’ve been repressing or ignoring, and hold space for whatever emotions may surface.

Choosing to engage honestly and openly with the most trusted people in your life can feel cathartic around this lunation. You always show up for others when they need it, and this eclipse reminds you that you deserve the same kind of support in return.

Your full moon self-care practice: Practice asking for help. This isn’t the time to be self-sacrificing. Lean on your network and the people around you whom you know you can trust. You deserve to be loved and supported through thick and thin.


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