The House Republican effort to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas has failed to pass in a humiliating moment for the GOP majority.

The final vote was 214-216 with 4 Republicans joining all 212 Democrats in voting no.

Three of the Republicans were Reps. McClintock, Gallagher, Scalise.

Before the vote, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries said:

Secretary Mayorkas is a good man, a patriotic man, and a hard-working man doing the best he can under very difficult circumstances. That’s not an impeachable offense. Extreme MAGA Republicans have produced no evidence that Secretary Mayorkas has engaged in a high crime or misdemeanor, no evidence that Secretary Mayorkas has engaged in an impeachable offense. And no evidence that Secretary Mayorkas has broken the law or violated the Constitution. Not a shred of evidence, not a scintilla of evidence, nothing, but extreme MAGA Republican chaos and confusion.

And the effort to avoid doing the hard work necessary to find common ground, to actually address the challenges at the border. What do these impeachment articles have to do with the issue of addressing our broken immigration system? Nothing. What do these impeachment articles have to do with building a healthy economy for everyday Americans? Nothing. What do these impeachment articles have to do with addressing the inflationary challenges and the affordability issues that the American people are experiencing day after day as we work to continue to emerge from a once-in-a-century pandemic that shut down the economy? Absolutely nothing.

House Republicans thought that they could use a Mayorkas impeachment as an election tactic to help Trump, but there was one problem. The DHS Secretary did not commit an impeachable offense.

The Republican House majority is so inept and broken that it can’t even unify on impeaching a member of the Biden administration.

Republicans want to use the House for messaging and show votes but they just crashed and burned when they tried to impeach Mayorkas.

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