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Gozo Day Trip From The Island Of Malta Jeep safari And Comino Boat Tour

Gozo Day Trip From The Island Of Malta Jeep safari And Comino Boat Tour


If you are looking for your next adventure destination, you might want to consider a trip to the scenic Mediterranean island of Malta.

Why not take your trip to Malta to the next level and visit Gozo, Malta’s sister island?

On a visit to Malta, it’s very easy to arrange a Gozo day trip as part of your Malta itinerary.

Gozo is smaller, greener and more rural than Malta and offers a variety of adventure activities for visitors to enjoy.

Gozo is easily accessible as part of a tour package on a day trip from the mainland.

I would recommend booking your Gozo day trip well in advance. I booked my tour with Original Travel which focuses on 100% luxury Tailor-Made Holidays.

I wanted to maximise my time and make the most out of a full day exploring Gozo and opted for the Combi Tour.

The Combi Tour offers a combination of half a day cruise around the beautiful island of Comino and a half-day Jeep Safari on the peaceful island of Gozo, stopping off at most of the main attractions the island has to offer.

The duration of the Combi Tour is seven hours total departing at 10:00 am and finishing at 17:00. Transfers are included around these times. Starting point is Mgarr Harbour or Marfa Jetty. Hotel transfers are available from Valletta, Sliema, St.Julians, Bugibba and Mellieha.

Here is a review of my Gozo day trip Combi Tour

Malta 2023 296

First of all, the tour includes local hotel transfers which was helpful as I was staying in the Sliema area and I was shuttled to the boat in the morning to start the tour.

For the Combi Tour, the group is split up into two. One group will start with the Jeep Safari and the rest will stay on the boat and explore Comino Island. Then at lunch groups switch and we all return on the same boat.

This way you have more space on the boat to enjoy the journey and the groups are less crowded, which was a good idea.

Rather than taking the Gozo shuttle ferry, you stay on the same boat which will meet you at the port. It’s a cool Turkish-style wooden boat that has a lot of character and is great fun to cruise on.

Time for a guided Jeep Safari around Gozo with a local

Malta 2023 302

My group was first on the Jeep Safari around Gozo Island. We were five to each Jeep with loads of space, and our driver was a local guide who was born on the island of Gozo and offered loads of local information.

The first stop was the Calypso Cave, which offers a stunning viewpoint looking over the local beach.

Gozo is steeped in myth and history and is believed to be the legendary island of Calypso from Homer’s Odyssey. You can explore its ancient temples, baroque churches, medieval forts and natural wonders, such as the Azure Window, a rock formation that collapsed in 2017 but still attracts divers and snorkellers.

Malta 2023 315

On the Jeep Safari, you can discover the real island of Gozo by going to many popular places.

Places of Interest that you will visit on the Combi Tour Jeep Safari of Gozo:
1 Mgarr Harbour 2. Ghajnsielem Church • 3. Qala Belvedere • 4. Dahlet Qorrot Valley • 5. Ramla Bay • 6. Calypso Cave • 7. Marsalforn Bay • 8. Salt Pans • 9. Gordan Lighthouse • 10. Wied il-Mielah Window • 11. Dwejra • 12. Inland Sea • 13. Fungus Rock.

You’ll be stopping at charming villages, important landmarks, hidden coves and panoramic viewpoints.

Malta 2023 310

The great thing about going on a Jeep Safari around the island of Gozo is you can go off-road and drive down some more adventurous tracks which makes the journey a lot more accessible and exciting. You’ll be passing through the countryside which is not usually visited on a normal Gozo tour.

My favourite stop along the route was the Saltpans of Xwejni, which are still used today to harvest salt from the sea. These old techniques of harvesting salt are great to see in action.

The salt pans are also perfect for capturing photos, so get your camera ready.

You can buy some of the harvested sea salt from a local vendor who lives close by up in one of the caves. What a wonderful gift to bring home and use in your kitchen, a taste of Gozo.

Malta 2023 331

After your Jeep Safari around Gozo Island, it’s time for lunch, which is included in the Combi Tour package, including local wine.

Gozo is also known for its cuisine, which is based on fresh local produce, seafood and cheese.

You can sample traditional dishes such as rabbit stew, cheese pies and ftira (it’s like a type of pizza but not a pizza as you know it) at one of the many restaurants and cafes that dot the island.

You can also visit local farms and wineries and taste some of the island’s specialities, such as honey, olive oil and wine. Gozo has a lot to offer.

Sailing around the island of Comino and the Blue Lagoon

Malta 2023 350

Now it’s time to swap groups at Gozo Port and start the second half of your Combi tour adventure, sailing around the island of Comino and the Blue Lagoon.

The highlight for me has to be the boat that you sail on, a lovely wooden Turkish-style ship, comfortable for cruising on for half a day around the Comino Island.

On the sailing adventure, you can discover the coves of Comino by going to many popular places around the coast of the island.

Sailing stops: 14. Blue Lagoon • 15. Crystal Lagoon • 16. Comino Tower • 17. Tuna Farms • 18. Fortress • 19. Elephant Rock • 20. Sta. Maria Caves • 21. Sta. Maria Bay • 21. St. Nicholas Bay

All the above are weather permitting and might include a swimming stop, so bring your swimwear.

We will visit the nice coves and bays around the island with more stops for swimming and snorkelling. Snorkelling equipment is available on board free of charge.

It’s nice that they split the group into two so you have more space to enjoy the cruise around Comino Island which has spectacular coastal rock formations and coves to explore.

Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon

Malta 2023 368

The main attraction is the Blue Lagoon, which got its name from its crystal clear blue waters, which must be seen to be believed.

Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon for a magical experience.

On the sailing trip around the magical island of Comino, we stopped for swimming and snorkelling in the famous Blue Lagoon.

Only two residents live on the island of Comino, a brother and sister, leaving the island nearly uninhabited, and they will be the last two due to the island’s UNESCO protection.

Chill on the boat deck, enjoy the cruise around Comino, take in the coastline views as you cruise by, grab a couple of beers, go for a swim, and relax in the sun, a terrific way to visit Gozo and Comino, Malta.

Once your sailing trip has come to an end, you will sail back to port on the mainland of Malta, where you will meet your transfer back to your hotel to end your day of seeing Gozo.

The police station of Comino, Santa Marija Bay

Malta 2023 376

Another quick stop we did along Comino was a stop at the Comino police station, which is home to the picturesque Santa Marija Bay.

A secluded beach that is perfect to chill on and soak in some sun for a while.

Not a bad police station to be based on for a local officer.

The police station is mostly active in the busy summer months to manage the tourists that visit the Blue Lagoon.

Thank you for reading about my Gozo day trip

Malta 2023 372

Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway or an active adventure, Gozo has something to offer for everyone.

If you want to return to Gozo for a second day, you can easily do so by taking the shuttle ferry and spending more time in Victoria exploring the Citadel fortress, which you will pass on the Jeep Safari but will not have time to visit on the tour. It’s a perfect option for a second visit.

Thank you for reading my blog review of my Combi Tour adventure to the island of Gozo, Malta.

Gozo is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean that will enchant you with its charm, culture and nature.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover this amazing island and have an unforgettable experience.


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