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Google teams up with Nvidia as PlayStation Plus prices rise

Google teams up with Nvidia as PlayStation Plus prices rise


It’s been a massive week in the technology world thanks to IFA 2023. You can check out all the best tech we’ve found in our Best in Show guide.

There’s been plenty to get excited about elsewhere too, with the launch of Starfield on Xbox and PC, as well as the first look at a new Mario edition of the Nintendo Switch.

But not everything has been sunshine and roses elsewhere in the tech world, as Sony steadily ticks up the price for its PlayStation Plus service.

Keep reading to find out our picks for the winner and loser of this week.

Nvidia GeForce Now

Winner: Google and Nvidia

If you’re a Chromebook owner and want to take your gaming prowess to the next level, then you’ll be thrilled to hear about Google and Nvidia’s latest team up. Both companies are working together to offer eligible Chromebooks a three-month trial of Nvidia GeForce Now for free, which is available to access right now via the Chromebook Perks website, as reported by 9to5Google.

Not only that, but you will also be treated to the GeForce Now Priority tier, which usually costs £8.99 a month. This tier comes with priority access to the Premium Servers with reduced waiting times. Your gaming session can last up to six hours at up to a Full HD (1080p) resolution at 60fps. 

We don’t know when this offer will end, but Google has clarified that this is a limited-time only perk. It’s also worth noting that your subscription will automatically roll over at the end of your free period unless the subscription is cancelled beforehand.

New PlayStation Plus teirs from Sony

Loser: PlayStation

In stark contrast to Google and Nvidia giving away memberships for free, Sony has announced that it will be increasing the price of its PlayStation Plus subscription for gamers

In a blog post, Sony claimed that the 12-month trial for the PS Plus Essential, Plus and Premium memberships would rise in price in the UK. The memberships will be going up by £10, £16 and £20 per year respectively, making the annual subscription a lot less affordable. You’ll soon need to pay £59.99/$79.99 for the base 12-month PlayStation Plus Essential subscription.

Thankfully, the one-month and three-month subscriptions will remain the same in price, so not all PlayStation gamers need to worry. 

The price hike won’t be taking place until the next renewal date, meaning that you can still enjoy your membership at the same price until it ends. Any membership changes made on or after the 6th of September, including upgrades, downgrades or additional time, will reflect these new prices, so there is still some time to lock yourself in for another year at a reduced rate. 


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