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Google Pixel 8a tipped for major display upgrade

Google Pixel 8a tipped for major display upgrade


Google’s next mid-range smartphone, the Pixel 8a, could feature a much improved display according to a recent rumour.

According to Android Authority, the Pixel 8a will continue the trajectory started by the Pixel 7a in offering a 90Hz screen refresh rate and bump things up to full 120Hz.

Other than this, the Pixel 8a will reportedly retain the same size and resolution, but it could also pack a superior peak brightness of 1400 nits (vs 1000 nits in the Pixel 7a).

Indeed, with that particular brightness figure in conjunction with the 120Hz refresh rate, the Pixel 8a display is looking very similar to its Pixel 8 (pictured) big brother. They’re even sourced from the same two manufacturers in Samsung and BOE. Only the size seems different, with the Pixel 8 screen measuring 6.2 inches.

When you consider that the Pixel 8a is also tipped to house the same Tensor G3 processor as the rest of the range (albeit with a slightly thicker and hotter-running IPoP plastic package), you might wonder why bother with the pricier model. The report even states that the Pixel 8a design will more closely resemble the Pixel 8, with an increased corner radius to the display.

There’s an easy answer to that, of course: the camera system. According to the same report, the Pixel 8a’s camera system will remain unchanged from the Pixel 7a, which is technically inferior to the Pixel 8 set-up.

Still, the Pixel 7a hardly took terrible images. The Pixel 8a is shaping up to be a bit of a mid-range champ – provided Google doesn’t do anything silly with the pricing.


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