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Golde Pure Matcha Unpaid Review + Benefits Of Matcha



Golde is a female-founded, Brooklyn-born company making 100% natural and vegan-friendly superfood essentials. 

I could tell the matcha was high-quality from the crisp green color alone. The ceremonial grade green tea is sourced directly from Uji, Japan, where it’s organically grown.

Golde’s Pure Matcha is radiation-free, heavy metal-free, vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO. Of course, these were all bare minimum qualifications in my quest for the best matcha powder.

What mattered beyond that was the taste and consistency. Most other powders I tested were clumpy, chalky, and bitter—but the Golde Pure Matcha powder is smooth and mellow. 

Caffeine lovers will be pleased to learn that the powder has 72 grams per serving. That’s about the same caffeine boost as one shot of espresso, without the feelings of shakiness.


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