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Game just dropped the best Metroid Dread deal yet

Game just dropped the best Metroid Dread deal yet


One of our favourite Switch games ever, Metroid Dread, is now available with a significant discount, making this the ideal time to jump into one of the finest 2D games of the modern era.

Deals for first-party Nintendo games aren’t the most common creature, so when you see a brilliant title like Metroid Dread for under £25 it’s always worth checking out. 

We loved Metroid Dread when it came out, so much so it won ‘Best Switch Game’ at the 2022 Trusted Reviews Awards – its successful refinement of the classic 2D formula of the Metroid series was also enough to garner five stars in our full review.

Metroid Dread at one of the cheapest prices ever

Courtesy of Game, you can grab one of the best Nintendo titles of the Switch era at a very affordable price.

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  • Was £29.99
  • Now £24.97

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One thing to keep in mind when playing Metroid Dread is that it’s no picnic – it can be very challenging at times, thanks in part to the introduction of new enemies called EMMI, which can be at times unbeatable in face-to-face combat, requiring you to master stealth as well as brawn.

Speaking of combat, that’s another aspect of the game that delivers a refined and highly satisfying experience. The melee counter mechanic allows you to deliver some satisfying damage if your timing is right, and the developers have also worked hard to ensure that you’ll need to master your full arsenal and skillset for the game’s visually stunning boss battles. 

If you have a Switch OLED to hand then you’re in for a real treat as the game’s locales really pop with all of the extra colour and contrast that the console’s display affords.

For both newcomers to the series as well as long-time Metroid verterans, Metroid Dread is well worth picking up, particularly when it’s available at a significantly reduced price.


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