Home Politics Former Tucker Carlson Producer Is Cooperating With Jack Smith Investigation Of Trump’s Coup

Former Tucker Carlson Producer Is Cooperating With Jack Smith Investigation Of Trump’s Coup

Former Tucker Carlson Producer Is Cooperating With Jack Smith Investigation Of Trump’s Coup


Abby Grossberg has settled her lawsuit against Fox News, but her lawyer also revealed that she is cooperating with Jack Smith’s investigation into Trump’s plot to overturn the 2020 election.

The New York Times reported:

After filing her lawsuits, Ms. Grossberg drip-fed audio recordings from her time at Fox to other media organizations. The recordings showed, among other things, Mr. Carlson’s immense influence on the Republican Party; an admission by Rudy Giuliani, lawyer to former President Donald J. Trump, that he didn’t have evidence of voter fraud; and discussions between Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Ms. Bartiromo about his attempts to block President Biden’s election victory.

Mr. Filippatos, the lawyer for Ms. Grossberg, confirmed that he had been contacted by the office of the special counsel investigating Mr. Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, and that he and his client were cooperating. At least 90 tapes had been retrieved and Ms. Grossberg’s legal team was forensically analyzing all of Ms. Grossberg’s devices in case there were any additional recordings, Mr. Filippatos said.

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As Carlson’s producer, Grossberg had contact with the Trump campaign and Trump’s legal team. One of the areas that Special Counsel Jack Smith is investigating is Trump’s Big Lie that the election was stolen and the millions upon millions of dollars that Trump raised off of that lie.

The fact that Jack Smith has an additional at least 90 tapes at his disposal go through and potentially find more evidence to use is bad news for those in Trump’s orbit who worked to overturn the election for him. Without conservative media like Fox News being so afraid of losing viewers that they put statements on the air that they knew were false, the Big Lie would have never taken off.

Jack Smith is reportedly ready to charge Rudy Giuliani, and he is apparently leaving no stone unturned as part of his investigation into Trump’s attempted 2020 coup.


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