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February 2024 Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs

February 2024 Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs


February kicks off part-way through Aquarius season, which, in keeping with the individualistic sign, is ripe for all things eccentric and unconventional. Our February 2024 horoscope suggests we all give some love to our inner weirdos. It’s time to ask yourself: What makes me unique? Then lean all the way into that trait.

And get this: February is one of only two months of 2024 with ZERO retrograde planets (March is the other one). In short: Whatever you need or want to do, get to it!

The new moon in Aquarius on February 9 asks us to examine our personal concept of “the future” and consider how we might begin to build a better world during the next six months. Sudden, brilliant ideas can light up like hot-pink neon signs in our brains. It’s the Year of the Wood Dragon in Chinese astrology, infusing the collective with just the right amount of courage and the potential for radical reinvention.

Sudden, brilliant ideas can light up like hot-pink neon signs in our brains.

Action-oriented Mars and love-planet Venus are dancing close this month, first in conservative Capricorn, then later in innovative Aquarius. But because Pluto is newly in Aquarius (one of the major astrology events of 2024), where it will be for the next 20 years, there is a major side order of intensity here—and it builds to a veritable explosion as Mars conjuncts (aka meets up with) Pluto on February 13, the eve of Valentine’s Day.

I hereby suggest that we reschedule our celebration of love to February 21, when Mars and Venus have moved a few degrees beyond Pluto and they’re canoodling like these cosmic lovers do best. We might feel a whole lot more experimental when it comes to romance and sex with this alignment, and erotic fireworks could go off.

Just a few days beforehand, on February 18, the sun enters poetic Pisces, shuttling us into Pisces season and connecting us to our most creative, cinematic selves. As we float through this Piscean dream, the full moon in Virgo arrives on February 24, allowing us to do a proverbial cleanup of our hottest messes from the last six months. We can now release, forgive ourselves, and move on.

As for what this all means for you, in particular? Read on to find every zodiac sign’s February 2024 horoscope, and be sure to check both your sun sign and your rising sign, the latter of which determines the order of the astrological houses in your chart.

Looking for even more cosmic insights? Read your full 2024 horoscope here.

February 2024 horoscope for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Have you found your people yet, Aries? For you, Aquarius season is made for networking with your whole body and soul, whether you’re ready to find your life partner(s), creative collaborators, or just friends with whom you share ideals and ideas about the way the world works. Set intentions for your friendships, existing and potential, around the new moon in your 11th house of social groups on February 9.

After the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18, the house of your chart associated with the subconscious mind is lit up, so expect some profound dreams and psychic insights. Take lots of notes because you’ll need them during the eclipses in late March and April.

Career and money:
Your February 2024 horoscope has you riding high on a professional wave through February 12, with your planetary ruler Mars in the career sector of your chart. Venus and Uranus conspire to help you birth a lucrative project near February 7. Note that you might feel a bit more like flying solo after the sun enters your house of dreams and secrets on February 18, so plan your meetings and work events earlier in the month, if you can.

The full moon in Virgo on February 24 lights up the work house of your chart, which can help you put a stressful project from the last six months into the “finished” file.

Love and relationships: 
Although you’re more focused on besties than lovers until February 18, you might find yourself thinking about the subject of soul mates when Venus squares the north node (a point in the sky associated with fate) in your sign on February 6. You could have a fleeting meeting that later turns out to have been serendipitous.

If you argue with a lover or partner near Valentine’s Day, you can learn deeper lessons about your attachment style. Talk it through on February 15, when communicative Mercury forms a positive sextile with the asteroid Chiron (which rules over past trauma and triggers). Put your ego aside and listen, and you might just heal some very old wounds.


It may feel like there is literally nothing you can’t do this month, Taurus. As an assortment of planets stack up in the status sector of your chart, it’s hard for you to avoid being noticed. This is your chance to be low-key famous (among your peers).

After February 18, the sun in Pisces highlights your social zone. With Jupiter in your sign through May, this may be THE most important moment of 2024 to put yourself on the map. The planets confirm what you already know—that you’re worth your weight in gold.

Career and money:
As your planetary ruler Venus moves into your 10th house of career on February 16 and then conjoins Pluto, people in positions of power can help you get ahead, especially if you’re willing to make major moves. The new moon on February 9 is also the ideal moment to set intentions for professional progress during the next six months—if you lay it out now, you’ll surely hit your mark by August.

Love and relationships: 
This is one of those months when an office romance that’s been brewing in the background could become the real thing. Jealousy may arise around February 17 when your planetary ruler Venus comes in close proximity to provocative Pluto, but you may find yourself able to analyze the situation and remain rational while everyone else spins out. But when the romance planet moves into kissing distance of passionate Mars on February 21, fireworks are possible—and any fighting can be absolved with some hot make-up sex.


Your February 2024 horoscope finds you in the mood for adventure, Gemini. With your planetary ruler Mercury moving into your travel zone on February 4, you can and should broaden your horizons. Whether that means you’ll book a trip overseas, read a brilliant non-fiction book, or just have a stimulating conversation with someone who gets your neurons firing, it’s time to exercise your brain.

The new moon on February 9 is ideal for setting intentions about where you want to go and what you want to learn during the next six months, while the full moon on February 24 helps you to release any stress on the home front.

Career and money:
Creative collaboration can up-level your work life after the sun enters the professional sector of your chart on February 18, followed by your ruler Mercury on February 22. Some challenges could arise when both Mercury and the sun conjunct Saturn on February 28—but so could big breakthroughs in your relationship to the concept of work. Does what you do every day elicit enough meaning? If not, you may feel like making some big changes later this year.

Love and relationships: 
Sapiosexual (aka intelligence-based) connections can overstimulate you this month with so many planets in Aquarius, your sister air sign, but at least your flirting skills will be on point. Next month’s intense eclipse in your romance zone is already in the energetic brew toward the end of February, so pay attention to your love life as the moon hovers in Libra from February 26 to 28.


Cuffing season takes on a whole new meaning for you this month. You have a tendency to cling to sources of security at all costs, Cancer, but this February, you can experience true transformation with far less fear. With a plethora of planets swirling through your house of emotional intimacy, deep change is possible now.

The new moon on February 9 is ideal for setting intentions around your sex life. How can you prioritize pleasure and be clear about your desires? The full moon on February 24 brings you back around to the state of your love and creative life as it was early last fall. What kinds of projects and relationships are you ready to shed, and which will you dare to plunge into more deeply? After the sun enters your sister water sign Pisces on February 18, you may suddenly want to book a trip abroad or explore other cultures via books or food.

Career and money:
Staying in a safe or comfortable role usually works fine for you, especially if you’re earning enough to feel secure. But this month, you may want to get ahead of the upcoming eclipse in the career zone of your chart (in April) and explore professional paths that bring meaning and substance as much as they deliver a healthy paycheck—deep down, you need both.

Love and relationships: 
Powerful erotic intimacy is possible this month, especially if you’re willing to face your fears and explore new territory with a partner. Making space for emotional vulnerability is the key to growing a new or established relationship. Your sex life sizzles as cosmic consorts Venus and Mars meet up in your sexuality sector on February 21. You can get closer to a partner on both a sexual and spiritual level.


Aquarius is your opposite sign, Leo, and with a fat stack of planets here this month, you may feel like some people in your life are being a wee bit oppositional. Doing a bit of relationship shadow work now can bring a major breakthrough down the line.

Your daily duties demand the bulk of your attention through February 12, but you turn toward one-to-one relationships at mid-month, and not because of Valentine’s Day. Use the new moon on February 9 to set intentions about what you want from your current or future romantic or professional bonds.

Career and money:
Venus and Mars will pump up your charisma at work for the first half of the month, helping you to bring in money using pure mojo. When Venus (which also rules money and wealth) trines Uranus in your career sector on February 7, you might be inspired to do something wild at work—but the risk could pay off in a few months. The full moon on February 24 is ideal for releasing any outmoded expectations about money.

Love and relationships: 
With the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all moving through your partnership zone in February, relationships live rent-free in your head all month long—whether you’re attached, orbiting, or flying solo.

After the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18, you can access a deeper layer of emotional vulnerability in your intimate relationships. No matter what, exactly, is going on in your love life, there is more than likely a LOT going on with your libido as February winds down.


Could you be any busier this month, Virgo? Whether it’s attending to the daily details of your personal life or mastering a work project, you’re being your most efficient and productive self with Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and the sun all making their way through your sixth house of wellness and work. Just note: Carving out time in your schedule to de-stress will be just as important as achieving perfection—if not more.

The new moon on February 9 is ideal for rituals and intention-setting around your daily life: What do you want your schedule to look like between now and August? Meanwhile, the full moon in your very own sign on February 24 helps you to process and release all manner of experiences, especially the most emotional ones, from the last six months.

Career and money:
Your planetary ruler Mercury enters your work zone on February 4 and remains there through February 22, sharpening your attention to detail and helping you focus and finish outstanding projects. If you’re looking for work, this is an excellent time to shine up your résumé. It’s also great for pitching clients with out-of-the-box ideas—you can’t be too innovative this month.

Love and relationships: 
Venus and Mars are in your house of romance and pleasure through mid-month, making for some super-sweet (and super-hot) moments, whether you’re single or attached. But once the sun moves into Pisces on February 18, followed by Mercury on February 22, serious partnership may be on your mind. A major reassessment of the state of your relationships could be in order near the February 24 full moon.


The pleasure is all yours this month, Libra. Aquarius is an air sign like your own, so this astro-season makes you feel right at home in an über-intellectual, hyper-social sense. This is the astrology of the elegant dinner party with a group of brilliant, eclectic guests (and some that you definitely want to flirt with).

Use the new moon on February 9 to set intentions for creative and pleasurable experiences during the next six months. The full moon on February 24 helps you to release any heavy psychological burdens you’ve carried since late last summer—it’s time to heal and let it go.

Career and money:
You might be slightly disengaged from professional pursuits during the first half of the month as the planets prod your playful side, but there’s plenty of creative energy to be mined during these weeks. After February 22, once Mercury and the sun have slipped into the work zone of your chart, it should be much easier to be productive—just be sure to take breaks when things ramp up.

Love and relationships: 
With a bevy of planets moving through your fifth house of love and romance for the first three weeks of February, you can flirt your pretty little heart out, no matter your relationship status. When your planetary ruler Venus comes together with Mars on February 21, it could be one of the sexiest moments of the month, if not the year. Yet with Pluto hovering nearby in the sky, be wary of secrets and unspoken jealousies.


With planets gathering steam in your fourth house of home and family this month, you could be plotting an ancestral pilgrimage… or at least, taking a deep dive into an old family photo album, Scorpio. You could have a million questions for your elders, so even if you’re not able to connect right away, you may want to write them down in your journal as areas for exploration when the time is right.

Use the new moon on February 9 to set intentions about your biggest domestic dreams: Where do you want to live and with whom, if anyone? The full moon on February 24 helps you to release any baggage you’ve carried about your besties during the last six months—let it go. There’s no need to hold a grudge.

Career and money: 
Business partnerships can flourish early this month as Venus in your communication zone trines Uranus in your relationships sector on February 7. It’s an excellent time to schedule meetings with potential partners to capture the best of a creative collaboration. Your planetary ruler Mars remains in your sector of talking and thinking through February 12, so keep those important career conversations going—respond to work-related emails or DMs as promptly as you can.

Love and relationships: 
Taskmaster Saturn has been in your fifth house of love for just about a year, restraining your romantic realm. But this month, plenty of pleasure and play are on hand after February 18, when the sun enters Pisces and lights up that fifth house, with Mercury arriving a few days later. Whether you’re single or attached, you’re set to end the month feeling amorous.


Chances are, no one would accuse you of keeping your opinion to yourself, Sagittarius, but you might just stir the proverbial pot more than usual in February. Pluto entered your communication zone last month, and a whole lotta personal planets will be moving through this third house of your chart in the coming weeks. Your February 2024 horoscope has you both making the conversation and causing the conversation.

The new moon on February 9 is all about finding the right words and planning your next six months of projects, especially those that call for speaking and writing. Whereas, the full moon on February 24 asks you to let go of outsized career expectations that no longer fit the person you’ve become. After February 18, the sun glides into your domestic zone, bringing your focus back home (literally).

Career and money: 
Venus and Mars remain in the money zone of your chart through mid-month, amping up financial opportunities and potentially bringing you a sweet bonus. Asking for a raise or pitching a new client is favored all month, and Mercury’s square to your planetary ruler Jupiter (on February 10) is extra stimulating for day-to-day business ventures.

Love and relationships: 
The fated north node has been in your love zone for some time now, making you think about soul mates. If you’ve wanted to broach the subject with a partner or potential lover, you might want to take advantage of the sensual Venus-Mars conjunction in your communication zone on February 21 to do so. You’ve rarely felt like you could be so articulate about what you want and how you feel.


Your birthday season may be over, but you can still catch a bit of sea-goat magic during the first half of February, Capricorn, with Venus and Mars in your sign through mid-month. But the big news is that you’re getting a big financial assist from a mélange of planets in your money zone.

The February 9 new moon asks you to set goals to live your best financial life between now and August. Use the full moon on February 24 to consider territory that you’ve not yet explored, and what you can do to get there. Your communication zone gets some big planetary love on February 18 when the sun rolls into Pisces—you can think, talk, and text with crystal clarity.

Career and money: 
This month, it’s all about the money, honey. A veritable pile-up of planets are in the financial zone of your chart from mid-month, including cash magnet Venus. You can manifest big time, especially at the new moon on January 9. Note that you might be extra zealous about earning and achieving when Mars and Pluto conjoin on the 13th—but the triumph may not be worth the stress this time.

Love and relationships: 
Venus remains in your sign through mid-month, making you impossibly irresistible and romantically inclined. When the love planet trines renegade Uranus in your romance zone on February 7, just as sexy Mars sextiles Neptune in your communication sector, highly palpable passion is on tap. If you didn’t know what you wanted before, you can get a good handle on your desires around this time.


Happy birthday, Aquarius! It’s not just your average Aquarius season out there in the cosmos. With Pluto now in your sign for the very first time in your entire life (after dipping into it briefly last year), plus a plethora of personal planets swirling through your stars all month, this one is gonna hit differently.

Use the new moon in your sign on February 9 to manifest all the wishes you’ll make (or already made) when you blow out your birthday candles—this lunation gives them extra potency. The full moon on February 24 helps you release any angst you’ve carried around emotional intimacy or complex financial entanglements with others. The sun dips into your second house of personal value and self-esteem on February 18, so it’s time to own your worth.

Career and money:
You’re directly in the spotlight in all the ways this month, so it’s time to let yourself shine like the diamond you are, with all your cool facets—particularly on the career front. Your creative abilities are extra accessible when Venus enters your sign and bumps up against Pluto on February 17. After the sun moves into your financial zone on February 18 and Mercury soon follows suit, you can take those ideas to the next level and make them practical and lucrative.

Love and relationships: 
Not only are you getting all the attention that your birthday season entails, but with love-planet Venus in your sign from mid-month, you’re also getting the glow-up that you deserve. Go get the cute outfit, and do the facial, and buy the bold lipstick. It’s all part of your resplendent, flirty vibe—one that only expands as you get closer to the Mars-Venus conjunction in your sign on February 21. That’s date night for you, no matter your relationship status. Single? Get back on the apps while the getting is good.


That pre-birthday vibe permeates the first three weeks of February, as several planets move through your 12th house of the psyche, Pisces. You may feel slightly less social and more invested in your own personal world, and you should honor any need to nest and say no to social events.

The new moon on February 9 is ideal for setting intentions for self care over the next six months: What kind of meditation do you want to do, which spas do you want to visit, or when will you take a healing staycation? The full moon on February 24 allows you to process and release any pain you’ve experienced in your one-on-one relationships since last September. After the sun shifts into your sign on February 18, you can emerge feeling shiny and ready to drop all that Piscean glamor you’ve been keeping to yourself.

Career and money: 
Success dominates the first half of the month with Mercury, Venus, and Mars in your networking zone for a little while longer. Now that all the planets are direct, dialing into your network for professional leads is advised.

Your big money month is coming this April, during eclipse season, but you could get some inklings about what that may look like this month. Don’t make any major moves during the last few days of February, however, because Saturn in your sign could stop you in your tracks.

Love and relationships: 
Your February 2024 horoscope enriches your fantasy life with a stack of planets in your dream zone—you may exist purely in your romantic imagination instead of IRL for the first three weeks of the month, and that’s fine.

Things start to get real for your love life as you approach the full moon on February 24. You may have to deal with something unsettling that a partner did or said instead of just trying to heal it with mere pixie dust (as you’re wont to do). Good news: Taskmaster Saturn in your sign will help you figure it out and make supportive relationship choices.


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