California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell got more than he bargained for at a recent town hall event with his constituents.

The far left Democrat got heckled by a man who asked “Where’s Fang Fang?”

Fang Fang is the alleged Chinese Communist Party spy that Eric Swalwell allegedly slept with. Funny how there was no investigation or legal harassment for Swalwell over that.

Townhall reports:

‘Where’s Fang Fang?’ Eric Swalwell Gets Heckled During Constituent Meeting

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) got heckled while hosting a town hall with constituents at the end of July, with some in the crowd shouting at him about his past relationship with a Chinese Communist Party spy.

Swalwell was speaking about the impact of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and how “it’s government-mandated pregnancies,” adding that he’s “for women and their freedom,” when he some in the crowd began to shout at him.

“Where’s Fang Fang?” a man shouted.

Congressman Mark Desaulnier (D-CA) and others in attendance begged those who were shouting to “be respectful.”

“Let my colleague finish, please,” Swalwell chimed in.

Here’s the video:

Jerry Dunleavy of the Washington Examiner recently posted some interesting new details about the Fang Fang story on Twitter:

New Details on Swalwell & Fang Fang: Axios did a very good story on this in 2020, but much of the following is new. One thing that was actually not in the Axios story but which my source has confirmed — the FBI firmly believed based on the evidence they collected on Fang that there had been a sexual relationship between Swalwell & Fang. (Swalwell’s office had previously refused to answer my questions on what the specific nature of his relationship with Fang Fang had been.)

According to the former FBI official from the counterintelligence world, the FBI had FISA surveillance up & running on Fang (who was targeting numerous politicians in California & elsewhere, including Swalwell), according to the source, and so many of her actions & communications were being intercepted & monitored. The FISA related to suspicions that Fang was an agent of a foreign power (China). The FBI did not believe Fang was a Chinese intelligence officer herself, but rather a willing tool of Chinese intel services.

Fang was on the radar of the CIA and the NSA, as well as the bureau. The FBI believed MSS also knew members of Fang’s family.

It’s amazing that Swalwell was on the Intel Committee despite all of this.

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