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Does CBD Boost Athletic Performance?



CBD is often touted for its ability to promote relaxation, encourage sleep, and reduce pain—but these aren’t the only ways the cannabinoid can help your body.* Scientists have started to explore the cannabinol as a tool for athletes, begging the question whether CBD can boost athletic performance.

A 2021 narrative review1 found that CBD could be a promising tool for improving recovery from fatigue and muscle damage during workouts, however more research is still needed to fully understand the cannabinoid’s role.

What we do know? Athletes often deal with physical pain, fatigue, and overexertion. While CBD won’t necessarily make you a better athlete, it can help promote joint comfort2 and encourage a restful night’s sleep3—which could help put you back at the top of your game.*

Plus, it’s also important to note that CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This cellular-level communication network plays a role in every bodily function, including moderating pain, learning, appetite, and brain health. Introducing a phytocannabinoid, like CBD, can help support the body’s ECS function.

Further scientific research is needed to establish concrete evidence regarding CBD’s effects on workout performance. But if you’re sufficiently convinced that CBD belongs in your post-workout routine, these are some of the best gummy options to try.


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