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Doctors Dismissed My Period Pain For Years — Until This Diagnosis



Years later, when I was 27, the OB/GYN I’d been seeing said to me: You might have this condition called endometriosis. In order to diagnose it, the doctor said they’d need to do an invasive procedure called a laparoscoppy. It’s a keyhole surgery where doctors look for endometrial tissue on the exterior wall of the uterus, and remove any they find. The doctor thought I likely didn’t have it—but if I wanted to double-check, they could move forward.

Lo and behold, I had the procedure, and I was diagnosed with endometriosis. 

After the surgery, I experienced relief for about six months. But then the symptoms came back. Around the same time, I had begun experimenting with taking medical cannabis to help with my seizures. About a year into weaning off my epilepsy medication, I noticed some of my endometriosis pains were improving, as well. 

So, I decided from that point to try to take things into my own hands a bit more, and test out how certain lifestyle interventions might impact my symptoms. I began to lean into acupuncture, herbs, and yoga. I also began using cannabinoids internally. As a result, I started to experience profound relief. 

Now, I’d be lying if I said my symptoms completely vanished and I don’t have endometriosis anymore. But, I will say things have improved dramatically. If I was experiencing pain at a 10 before, I’m now closer to a 4—all thanks to natural interventions including nutrition, stress management, meditation, yoga, TCM, and using cannabis in many forms. I also learned so much about hormonal health, and how much my choices impacted my menstrual cycle. 

It was actually that realization that was the catalyst for starting Looni, my menstrual health and wellness company.


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