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Do You Really Just Pee Out Nutrients From A Mulitvitamin?



Multivitamins aren’t a replacement for a nutrient-dense, healthful diet. But they are very complementary. 

“In addition to helping promote sufficiency for a comprehensive array of essential vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) in the body, a high-quality multi will support a wide range of health functional areas (bones, immunity, vision, beauty, cellular energy, etc.)—from the cells to the tissues and organs of these systems—and key botanicals and bioactives can synergize those health benefits further for overall vitality,”* Ferira shares.

What’s more, multivitamins “do a great job at providing a safety net and filling in the gaps for individuals with picky eating preferences, conditions limiting their intake or increasing their nutrient needs, or those following a restrictive diet where certain food groups are cut out entirely (like a vegan or vegetarian diet),” says Temple. 

There’s also research on the benefits of a daily multivitamin for longevity2 and cognition3, underscoring the whole-body benefits that go well beyond filling gaps.*

Just make sure you’re choosing a high-quality supplement that provides a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals (and bonus points if phytochemical compounds are also included!).

“Equally as important is what a quality multivitamin does not contain: gluten, soy, dairy, major food allergens, sugar, cheap additives, synthetic dyes or flavors,” says Ferira. “In other words, is their ‘Other ingredient’ list as minimal and thoughtfully clean as possible? Or did they cut some corners? Vegan multi formulas, albeit rare, are also possible to achieve,” she adds. 


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